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DX 27.10.2010 Sony xdr

Startbeitrag von zvartoshu am 27.10.2010 15:49

Hi all dx-ers .
I test with a friend for south romania DX radio XDR F1 .
In moment when start dx signals TURK , this radio receive at poor level signal troposcatters.
A question , what porblem have this radio , or this radio is for local receptions?
Note , tests start with UPS 220V .
Note 2 , radio auto for my friend detect signal treoposcatters increased with an external antena , a increased signal . Radio auto is a kenwood not know model.


please help , for understand my friend . This radio is low for dx?

von zvartoshu - am 27.10.2010 21:12
The XDR-F1 is the best radio receiver thats known to me. It's much better than a Telefunken HT850 or similar radio's

von Jassy - am 28.10.2010 07:42
Hallo Zvartoshu

I have the bigger Brother the XDRS3HD. Super reciever. Best crossmodulation suppression.(I live 2 km from 4 Fm trasmitters power variing 15 to 50 Kw. Selctivity mostly 100 kHz beside strong station i can DX.
Do I understand you put 220 V at de Powersupply of the XDR. It is comming from USA and needs 115 V.
Or do you have an AC adaptor from 220 to 115 volt???


von Gerard Groningen - am 28.10.2010 10:48
i have original adaptor , and ups send 220V , not know sistem voltage for radio , know real dx in south romania , exemple trt signal 90.0 or 94.5 for demirkoy tepesi at 300km distance .
Not understand this received , but my receiver in this zone with test , last year test , detect many stations via troposcatter , exemple 88.8 FELEACU romania RRACTUAL , 93.1 TGRT ISTANBUL .. 101.1 RRACTUAL IASI PIETRARIE , distance 300 - 448km continous troposcatters .
My radio is know with an amplifier in pcb with bf999 . Not know sony xdr , and question about this radio .
Is an enigme but this radio speech all dxers , and my friend add in romania this radio . Not understand what problem have , this radio have Input antena with problems , IC shematic with many LC filter , but signal is very low . Dx is at low level .
In other exemples , 2 bulgarian dxers have this radio .
First detect dx , signals , exemple , serbian , hungarian , croatian .
Second , detect , low signals with all stations .
For me , this radios have a problem . Sure dx-ers when chage 2 xdrf1hd detect this bug .

von zvartoshu - am 28.10.2010 11:44
Is your power convertor maybe broken? The Sony needs 110 Volts.

von DX-Matze - am 28.10.2010 14:28
convertor functional 110V to 220V , i send mail to my firiend and my friend speech about a 110- to - 220v adaptre ac

von zvartoshu - am 28.10.2010 14:33
It could be your Sony is broken. Normally i think the Sony XDR S3HD and F1 are the best existing tuner aviable at this time.

The high-selectivity and sensitivy is a side effect off the IBOC HD capability ;)

von DX-Matze - am 28.10.2010 14:43
Not good for me , not good for my friend dx-er , this is a radio normaly and selective .
My radio blaupunkt is a real radio good , but add continous scatters at minim 200km distance and maxim 450km . I detect scatters in moment with best rain or fortune .

von zvartoshu - am 29.10.2010 11:46
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