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Nochmal Breakfast mit Hunter

Startbeitrag von Lilo am 25.03.2004 06:44

Ein freundliches Wesen auf der JDZ war so nett, ziemlich exact den Inhalt der DVD wiederzugeben. Ich werde mir die DVD auf jeden Fall bestellen,vielleicht findet sich ja eine Möglichkeit,Euch daran teilhaben zu lassen ( herrje, was eine gestelzte Ausdrucksweise ;-) )

hier kommt der Text ( hoffentlich)

Yes, I watched my DVD last night. It was like a small documentary about Hunter and various parts of his life. It begins with JD, John Cusack and Hunter at the Viper Room. They drive up in JD's car with a blow up doll with breasts. A lot of dialogue on the DVD is Hunter consumed with a DUI charge that he is scheduled to go to trial on. Part of The Fear and Loathing premiere is also on it. I thought one of the highlights was JD reading a passage from Hunter's book, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, while he is seated in a red velvet looking high back chair on a stage in front of an audience with the microphone stand in front of him. JD is obviously chewing gum as he reads this part of the book, but he does an excellent job of reading it with pauses and change of pitch that only a professional can do. The other highlight for me was when JD was staying with Hunter while preparing for Fear and Loathing and they are target shooting with these big silver revolvers with scopes. The DVD shows JD loading the gun and then sitting down and firing it. You could tell he knows something about guns and I read once that his dad use to take him hunting and that he grew up with guns. He looked like he was having a good time. There is also a good section where the original director for Fear and Loathing gets into a tiff with Hunter and then the Producer watches a video tape of the tiff with Hunter and then she explains to Hunter the consequences of hiring a new director. One consequence she was worried about was JD's schedule and maybe losing that window of opportunity to have him for the part. So, Hunter had to go talk JD into the delay. Hunter goes to JD's house (looks like the L.A. house) and talks with him at 4:00 a.m. JD is wearing a Shell gas station uniform jacket and looks like he just got off work from pumping gas. He has said that he pumped gas for a living, so it appears to me that just prior to filming Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas he might have needed another job at Shell to make ends meet. I don't know, but why else would he be wearing a Shell station jacket. JD agrees to the delay on the project, but only if Hunter agrees to train JD's pet mina bird to talk. The mina bird has a huge cage, but he isn't in it at the time and Hunter catches him. JD looks tired and says he is going to bed as he's walking down a hallway. There is a women in the room with them that seems concerned about Hunter catching the bird, (afraid Hunter might squeeze the bird too hard) so I assume she was with JD, but I can't remember the chronology of who that was likely to be. I think she had dark hair. There is also a section where some people are having a big party for Hunter (looks like a big deal kind of party honoring Hunter) and JD is there looking great. Anyway, it was well worth the money to get the DVD. The most interesting to me was seeing Hunter walk, talk and be himself and see that JD's acting as Hunter in Fear and Loathing was absolutely incredible. JD the "sponge" picked up all of Hunter's mannerisms, speech patterns, and walk. Awesome. Finally got the chance to see the comparison and it is enlightening. You can get the DVD at breakfastwithhunter.com Just another little peak into JD's life that was well worth it for a JD fan........


Du hast keinen DVD-Recorder, oder?

von Martina - am 25.03.2004 11:55

no, bis jetzt noch nicht. Es ist aber auch eine amerikanische DVD,falls ich jemand mit Recorder auftreiben würde, keine Ahnung ob das geht?

von Lilo - am 25.03.2004 12:47
Stimmt, ein weiteres Problem.....hast du PowerDVD? Dann kannst du ja mal Screenshots machen :D

von Martina - am 25.03.2004 12:57

OMG, keine Ahnung! Muß ich mal meine Lotte fragen :D

von Lilo - am 25.03.2004 13:07
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