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WD12 Code Editor Print Buttons

Startbeitrag von Rich am 24.07.2008 18:19

When I click either print button in the code editor a dialog box appears with the choices to print all pages, print current page and print from page to page.

When I select any choice and click print, nothing happens. :(

Anyone else experiencing this?


It's working fine here Rich.

Before that dialog box appears, a print preview should show the current code page.
If that is not the case, maybe some bad configuration or a bad installation happened?
(file..Documentation layout..Printer: output)
If Printer is selected instead of Print preview, maybe a wrong standard printer is selected ( in windows)
just some ideas...

(i'm currently testing from french version, english version only installed at home, i'll try at about 16:00 )

von Leo - am 25.07.2008 07:16

First I click the print button in the editor and the preview screen shows. Then when I click either button in the preview nothing happens.

I also discovered that the Word button output is not formatted correctly.

Also the PDF button in the preview does nothing.

No big deal, but it is annoying when I want to print all the code because I have to right click on each page and print them separately.

von Rich - am 25.07.2008 13:26
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