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Upgrade ver12 to ver14

Startbeitrag von Jon am 16.05.2011 16:37

Hi all
Hoping someone can advise...
When I bought the PC Soft 'suite' (WD, WB and WM) I did so just before the change from ver 12 to ver 14.
When the goodies arrived they did so as version 14 BUT... in the meantime I'd downloaded and had started to use the current version 12...
Being lazy / not wanting to make my learning process any harder (d'oh!!) I decided to stick with 12 'for a while'... ... ... 2-odd years later I'm still using 12 - for WinDev, WebDev AND Mobile...

My question (finally)...

Can someone point me to the 'new features' and 'bug fix' lists between 12 and 14 please ?

I'm trying to convince myself to upgrade to (at least) ver 14 before making the jump to 16 and just wondered if there was some kind of 'new features and bugs fixed' list between 12 and 14 before I go any further...

I write in all three - WD, WB and WM...

Hope someone can shove me in the right direction.

Thanks in advance !!


Hi Jon,

there's a serial number for each of the three products, you'll find it under ? .. About W.. in the IDE.

If the serial number starts with e.g. for WinDev W14Annnnn then you're entitled to use WinDev 14/US with that dongle. If so, then just download / install WinDev 14/US from PC Soft's official web site http://www.windev.com (see: download .. upgrades).

If the serial number starts with W12A.. then you'd have to buy any upgrades to v16

HTH, kind regards Guenter

von Jimbo - am 16.05.2011 17:09
Hi Jon,

Each migration involves a lot of checking and testing, so if you're already planning to jump to 16, I would not bother to make the step to 14 in between.
About bug fixes.....
As you can see on this forum, most bug related issues are kept a secret by PCsoft, so who will tell?
New features...
If your product(s) are rapidly evolving and need new features, upgrade.
If you have stable products that only need a little maintenance, stick with 12 (in my experience much more stable than 14 and 15)
If you use automation, then it might prove necessary to upgrade, because if I remember correctly, 12 cannot handle the newer Office suites.


von Piet van Zanten - am 16.05.2011 19:42
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