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[WD12]Display PDF file in windows7

Startbeitrag von Chad am 23.09.2011 17:30


My application developed by WinDev12. There have reports need print images, include JPG and PDF files. These files are assigned to an image control in report. The program still working fine in XP and vista. But it doesn't work in window7, the image control just show blank. If anybody meet same problem like me, somebody could give me some advice?


Hi Chad,

I also had problems with images (PDF) on WIndows 7, while XP is working fine. I compiled the software with WD15/WD16 and it worked OK too.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 26.09.2011 10:27
Hi Stefan,

Thanks your reply.

I see you ask same problem before. You mean that is not solution for this issue in WD12 and this can be solved in WD15/WD16, right?

von Chad - am 26.09.2011 12:38
Chad try u installing FOXIT READER and unistalling Acrobat reader?



von Manfred - am 26.09.2011 13:34
Hi Manfred,

Thanks your reply.

But I don't think this issue cause by the PDF reader.

von Chad - am 26.09.2011 13:56
Hello Chad

There was a V12 print dll released that addressed an issue where the landscape reports in pdf did not display properly. There may be other work in that dll that can assist you so if you don't have it try and get a copy from tech support.


von Al - am 26.09.2011 21:21
Hi Al,

Thanks your reply.

You mean I need get a new file for WDImp.dll, right?

von Chad - am 27.09.2011 13:28
Hello Chad

From memory it was the prn dll but as the whole thing is wysiwyg using the printer drivers to format the output it may have some affect on the display.


von Al - am 27.09.2011 20:27
Hi Chad,

I do not know of a solution for WD12. In WD15/16, it's OK now.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 28.09.2011 12:24
Thanks AI,

I have requested the newest version of DLL from PC Soft, seems that already in our application, So this may not the solution.

von Chad - am 04.10.2011 14:59
Thanks Stefan,

This is may be the only way I can take.

von Chad - am 04.10.2011 14:59
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