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Move from MySQL to HFCS

Startbeitrag von DerekT am 10.01.2012 09:59

Hi All
As the title suggests I need to move a DB from MySQL to HFCS.
70+ tables ranging from small lookups to large (2 million rows+) for ledgers etc.
This is of course a live production DB and as such I cannot afford any mishaps.

My plan initially was to use HExportXML to gather the existing records and HImportXML to populate the new DB in HFCS.

HExportXML worked well and all table were exported - I will need to do some detailed checking but it appears that all records were exported successfully.

Running HImportXML appeared to work, indeed for the majority it did, but on checking I found that some tables had zero records.:confused:
Checking the data of the failed tables indicates that some of the fields have content which contains characters outside of the standard ansi charset.
The effect of this is that as soon one of these fields is encountered the import of the table is rolled back and the process aborted - all others are processed correctly.

The question is - does anyone have experience of this and can offer a workaround?

Alternatively what are your preferred methods, solutions, experiences for moving large volumes of data from one DB to another.



maybe this can help you.

von Paulo Oliveira - am 10.01.2012 10:45
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