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[WD17] How to retreive the extended properties from a file-item in the analysis

Startbeitrag von Herro am 05.12.2012 12:30


Is it possible to extract the (extended) properties of a field in a file (from the analysis)?

The analysis allows you to specify a field is eg a combobox or radiobutton (including the corresponding initial values​​. Using hListitem does not show there properties.
I want dynamically build a window with fields from a file and need to know how to display a field in the window (edit/combo/radio/check....)

Is this possible and if so, how?

"Just started with WinDev..."


Hello Herro

This would involve a data dictionary so that the things you have asked in your post as well as those that Danny asked about in another post regarding central validation can easily be incorporated. At the start of your app you can run a query on your data dictionary and it will sit in memory for fast access.

You sign off by stating that you "Just started with Windev" so I believe you have a great opportunity to set up your future development before you get too far down the path.
My suggestion swould be to establish a background methodology/framework that you can use in all your apps.

As well as the data dictionary I would investigate the existing groupware and see if it will do what you want or if it is better to develop your own.

Write your own standard processes for window open and close and other common functions. I have my own RecordAdd, RecordDelete and RecordModify functions to centralise these functions, so no matter how large my apps grow there is only a single instance of the Windev HAdd and HModify commands and I run all my deletes through a central process.

I don't use the Windev template process, I have few standard windows and reports that I select from when creating a new window or report.

There are lots of other ways you can develop your own frameworks and they will pay huge dividends later on.

von Al - am 05.12.2012 21:20
Hello Al,

Thnx for your suggestions. I have already some experience in developing software in Magic (UniPaaS)... about 28 years :-) but i'm a newbee in WinDev.

I already developed my own "groupware". :-)

And yes... Indeed... I'm investigating in developing some basic routines/tools/programs. and now busy with developing a program for dynamic building some browse- and formprograms. This was also the reasing of my question to retrieve the "shared parameters" from the analysis to determine the controltype (edit/combo...) of a specifiek field to put on the form.

I will create my own "Data dictionary" to register some specific information about files and fields.


von Herro - am 06.12.2012 13:43
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