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I have a simple table (Accounts) being displayed using a Looper control. All I display in the Looper is the AccountName. I want this field to be a link type control in the Looper so I can click on it to open the record for editing. I don't know how to:
either change the existing text control to a link or change a new link field (which I can add) so it displays the AccountName.

Secondly, what code do I use on the click of the link to fetch the record before I open the next form for edit?

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Hi Gavin.

Place Picture control behind your account name into Looper.
You can use it blank(invisible) and write code into OnClick Image .

Smart is also to put UniqueKey or whatever you use to seek record (can be invisible).

Image->OnClick code
Open(MyForm, LOP_AccountID)

On Initialization code on opened form (MyForm):
PROCEDURE MyForm ( gParam )
HReadSeekFirst(Accounts, AccountID, gParam)

Regards !

von ICI - am 30.01.2013 15:21
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