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(WB 12 Eng) How to link Image File item with Table Column?

Startbeitrag von Jaime Fernandez am 26.01.2009 19:52

The Table stores the image in a Sound,image binary field (sub type Image Binary memo) but the linked table column doesn't display the image, if I link with a looper it's ok, the image it's displayed. Am I missing anything?


Hello Friedman

There are some examples of tables with images in the CRM example and in the training examples for tables. There may also be an old stock example on the ftp site


von Al - am 27.01.2009 01:43
Hi Al,
I can't find that examples, (CRM or Stock). Could you send me the links?
Thank you.

von Jaime Fernandez - am 27.01.2009 09:14
Hello Friedman

The examples I referred to are Windev items so I am hoping they will apply to Webdev.
Do you have Windev or just Webdev ?

This is a list of all the available examples on the main Windev site


von Al - am 27.01.2009 12:00
Hi Al,
I've all products, but I can't find a table with image column, neither in the CRM example nor WD International Stock Market.
In general, control behaviour is slightly different between WD12 & WB12 (you can see my post about treeview).
Thank you

von Jaime Fernandez - am 27.01.2009 17:04
Hello Friedman

I thought the CRM example used a table in its login screen when it displays the pictures but it is a list box not a table. There is a stock example of pictures in a table in the Training examples called "Tables and combos" There may also be some ideas in the Complete examples in the html photo album


von Al - am 27.01.2009 22:21
Hi Al,
I have saw the example: Tables & Combos. It's programmed in the same way as I do (only it's different that I link the table to a query and in example it's linked to a file, but I have changed the example to link to a query and it's displayed Ok too).
I have seen that in the description of the image column you have properties to modify the behaviour of displaying the image, in WB12 you haven't any property to do that, only ajax properties.

I thought that the solutions could be on automatic thumbnails(check available on item description for image subtype), but doesn't work, only with the wdmap I can see a little logo.

In my page I can see a red X inside a square(IE7) in the image column.

Thank you Al.

von Jaime Fernandez - am 28.01.2009 08:46
Because it's impossible to display the linked image in the table column(or I can't do it) I'm trying to display yes or no in the column if there is an image, but when executing the query this error is displayed:

Unable to run the query. Internal error in WDHF DLL.
I've tried :

And also I have created a stored procedure:
IF VALUE = Null then

But I can't test it inside a query because when I add the stored procedure to the query the application WEBDEV crash.

Testing the procedure(f5) is ok, but I can't especify NULL value on test.

Any idea about to deal with null and image?


von Jaime Fernandez - am 30.01.2009 12:24
What can I do to ask in a query if an image column is empty or not?
Field: Logo. Sound,image binary field (sub type Image Binary memo)


von Jaime Fernandez - am 03.02.2009 10:53
I have found:

I can make a stored procedure that returns "No" if HInfoMemo(Table,logo)="".
But is a very bad solution, is there another solution?


von Jaime Fernandez - am 04.02.2009 11:18
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