WD11 Subscripted control in looper

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 11.04.2008 08:07

Hi Forum,

I'm trying to adress a subscripted control in a looper, but I get the runtime error:
"[ ] operator not supported by control."
This gives a runtime error:

I can use the subscripted control if I omit the looper prefix.

I also tried a non subscripted control like Edt_SomeEdit_1, Edt_SomeEdit_2 etc and use indirection. In this case I used:
this gives a syntax error on the first bracket: syntax error on {

Any suggestions?

Best regards,


Re: WD11 Subscripted control in looper: SOLVED

Found it! It's just like a table:


von Piet van Zanten - am 11.04.2008 08:23

You can add a looper-attribute (say ATT_CustomerName) and assign that attribute to your edit-control. Can all be done in the looper-description-window.
Then you can use Looper1.ATT_CustomerName[j] in code, to assign you value. And de looper handles propagation to the edit-control.


von Arie - am 11.04.2008 08:28

Re: WD11 Subscripted control in looper: NOT SOLVED

Sorry, this solution does'nt work, the looper subscript is ignored

von Piet van Zanten - am 11.04.2008 09:43
Hi Arie,

Unfourtunately each subscript of the editfield in the attribute list is mentioned separately, so there's no way to address the editfield as an array.
I'll contact PCsoft. For now I'll make separate lines of code for each editfield.

Best regards,

von Piet van Zanten - am 11.04.2008 09:46
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