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Videos from 'Brother Bill'

Startbeitrag von Jimbo am 27.11.2009 07:19


'Brother Bill' has provided about 1.3 Gbytes of Videos, projects and pdfs for those of you who are going through the WinDev Tutorial. Magically, his post from the PC Soft Forum didn't make it over to our forum.

Kind regards,


Cheers Bill :cheers:

Excellent contribution to the Windev community! :spos:

-Marc Beaven

von M. Beaven - am 27.11.2009 14:01
Well I guess that is a step in to the right direction! Not a lousy PP show show and not trying to show how smart of a programmer he is, but down to earth comments in plain English Congratulations!
I have been in training business for most of my professional live either on the student side or on the training side. However when I saw the first training material of Windev I thought I am back to Comodore and Amiga times where all was very time consuming and Camtasia Studio and SnagIt were years away. Recording a few steps in a small online video is today a child's play, and can save a student days of trial and error.
- Answering same questions over and over is very expensive.... if you consider time is money ...and, a claim that you are 10 times faster etc. and then not being able to deliver the respective result will chase users away especially since competition is heavily in to this. In this respect I think PC Soft has not performed according nowadays standard
Not to mention that the time is wasted on the instructor side and on the user side.

Thanks Bill!

Btw, after the BLS discussion, I have done some investigation on VS. I did in 3 days more multi media training than in 1 year of WD use.

von Hans60 - am 27.11.2009 16:53
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