Combos - Selection of disabled value in list via keyboard entry

Startbeitrag von Mark am 17.12.2009 12:15

Hi folks,

I have a combo which shows a list of various values which are disabled/enabled depending on certain other criterea.

I have noticed that values which have been disabled in the combo drop down, i am able to select by typing said value into the combo, not what I was expecting! Can anyone point me in the right direction here!

Thank you



Hi Mark,

You've probably thought of this already, but only ever have the Active values in your drop-down - re-populate your drop-down based on your "other criteria" each time the criteria changes [[5]]

von DarrenF - am 17.12.2009 13:31

Thanks, yes I had thought of that, however Clients would like to know what options could be available even though they maybe disabled.

Thanks for your time.


von Mark - am 17.12.2009 14:06
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