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Cannot get Image control to Load image from web server in WM17

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 13.10.2014 06:32

I am using following code to get Image control to load an Image that resides on web server.

IMG_Photo = "http://meridianinstitute.in/student_image/testimage.jpg";

What wrong am I doing here?


Yogi Yang


Yogi Yang.
maybe you missed my previous answer last week?
You cannot use the http-address directly for an imagecontrol (as you would do with local files)

btw: I looked at your http-address and testimage.jpg is not there, so I tried Desert.jpg and it works using this code:

sResult is Buffer = HTTPGetResult(httpResult)
IF Position(sResult,"404") THEN
Info(HTMLToText(sResult)) // or some other error handling to indicate the file was not found
IMG_NoName = sResult

von Arie - am 13.10.2014 09:24

Thank for the code sample.

It just works!

At lease one major problem of many is solved.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 14.10.2014 04:53
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