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after playing with filter database NULL NULL NULL

Startbeitrag von Hans60 am 15.03.2010 09:56

Has anyone experienced this? Plaing with a new filter on afilter some records show up with funny characters... all of a sudden nothing is being filtered anymore. When checking the database using WDMAP I see just a few 10 records left most of them showing NULL NULL NULL and some strange character. The field at the right upper corner still shows 1032 records....
I tried to reindex but no luck... what can I do? Are the data lost?
I dont quite understand filtering should not manipulate data , at least as far as I understand....




It may be corruption. Try repairing the data file.

von DW - am 15.03.2010 11:44
DW.... do you mean Analysis repair?
I have restored old data file. They show corret when the software is run, however whn I look at them using WDMap it only showes garbage.....

von Hans60 - am 15.03.2010 12:23

No Data File,

I had a few occasions when the Data showed up funny in the WDMap like you explained only 10 records out of 800 or so. I had corruption and repaired the data files with Option 5 in the WDOptimizer.

von DW - am 15.03.2010 13:11
Thanks DW
now all the records show up again under WDMAP but still strang characters.

when the software is run the data seem to be normal....

von Hans60 - am 15.03.2010 13:41
Hello Hans,

i see this many times. There are real records and not an error from WDMAP. I delete this records manually. For me a reason to switch to MySQL. One customer tell me, it comes with KASPERSKY AntiVirus - but not tested.


von christoph - am 15.03.2010 14:15
Thanks Christoph,
at least i know where it could come from. I do not use Kapersky however an other AV could probably have similar effect...

Is the a speedy way to delete a bunch of records WDMAP does not do a good job there..


von Hans60 - am 15.03.2010 14:49
multy select table window did the job for deletion ....

von Hans60 - am 15.03.2010 15:27
just for info, I was running the PPC simulator testing some stuff. at the same time AntiVir made a update... after the update the currently open data set was gone...
cool he.... wondering if same happens using a installed software on PC... or if that is just a bug under WDM Simulator...
Would be a disaster if it happens on installed software...

von Hans60 - am 15.03.2010 18:12
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