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[WD17] Checkbox in Looper

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 27.12.2014 02:21

We use multi-option checkboxes fairly extensively & are trying to do the same in a looper, however we get an error if we try to access anything other than the first option of the checkbox.

We have an attribute set on the checkbox but we cannot specify the attribute should apply to for example CHK_Apply[2] and coding it for ATT_Apply[2] it tells us that the subscript must be 1.

Have I missed something or is this not possible in a looper?




Iam not that experianced using multi check boxes. Is there a need to make it one control with several options? If not you could try adding checkboxes with one option and add extra options by adding extra controls. Then they are seperate controls and thus should wort with "Normal "behavior



von Allard - am 27.12.2014 17:59
Hi Allard
Yes that's what we've done. It's not a big deal but just frustrating & time consuming when you have to change your methodology for no apparent or documented reason..


von David Egan - am 27.12.2014 18:49
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