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rahul vijay, Al

how to fetch data from sqlite in windev mobile 17

Startbeitrag von rahul vijay am 29.12.2014 07:43

i have create project from my company i have tried data from internet then i will create in sqlite database then how do your fetch data from without service permission then direct data fetch without sever function


Hello Vijay

I appreciate there are some language issues here but do try to explain your problem better please.
Perhaps outline the issues in point form.
In the meantime have a look at the "Android Registered" example as it uses SQL lite and may help.


von Al - am 29.12.2014 09:09
if the problem was that i fetch the data and download the file url from the internet but the have create the database and what process should i follow

von rahul vijay - am 29.12.2014 09:38
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