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Return/Echo from Command Line Execution WD19

Startbeitrag von Georgio am 11.11.2015 21:11

Hi All,

Forgive me, I'm getting back into WLanguage coding after a long hiatus.

I have a program in which a user passes a bunch of parameters and I read them in using CommandLine().
If the user doesn't enter a required parameter, I need to return a string which states what flags are missing or are invalid.

Something like this:



You might try:

IF CommandLine(9) ~= "" THEN
EndProgram("Message for the User")

Replace the 9 with parameter number (1 for first, 2 for second, etc). Obviously you need an IF for each expected parameter. Add any other checking that you need.

Good luck.

Stewart Crisler

von Stewart Crisler - am 14.11.2015 00:53
Great, that worked, Stewart.


von Georgio - am 14.11.2015 21:40
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