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Windev 21 upgrade - first impressions

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 09.05.2016 18:14

Ordered through the US distributor on Friday. Upgraded my existing Windev and added Webdev and Windev mobile. Following prior suggestions on this board, downloaded directly from the pcsoft ftp site rather than following the links on the web site. Used Filezilla and all downloads were completed in reasonable times with download speeds of about 1 meg.

Received dongle upgrade instructions early Monday morning which is much faster processing then in the past.

Received dongle shipment notification Monday morning.

Install of Windev preview had no problems. Installation procedure seems more professional, Logo and layout are more professional and well thought out. Whole package seems 'tighter'.

21 bit executables with the Framework embedded are about 1 meg - 2 meg larger than they were in version 20.

Documentation for installing Webdev on Linux seems current. Instructions are supplied for Redhat, Debian and Mandrake. However, the 64 bit version is still labeled as "test". Documentation now references Apache2 rather than Apache and seems more in line with current distros although instructions for a Mandrake installation are still included even though Mandrake has not been an active distro for years.

It is possible to stretch the development environment across 2 screens by reducing it from full screen and then grabbing the right border and stretching the window across the two screens.It retains that layout even after it is closed and reopened.

There is no information provided on how to uninstall the Linux Webdev application server.

Existing projects compiled without issues.

Dongles were sent to a previous address rather than the address that I supplied with the order. I contacted DHL and gave them the new address. The package will be delayed a few days, but hopefully will arrive OK.


Hi Donald

FYI: 64 bits versions are there ONLY for use if you have a HUGE project (like 3000 files in the analysis)
Otherwise, use the 32b as the 64 is limited in many accepts

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 09.05.2016 18:31
I know that has been true in the past. One thing that I noticed is that the 64 bit version was proposed as the default during the installation of Windev 21.

Also, if you are referring to the Windev application server, installing the 32 bit version is not an option if your target server is a 64 bit distro without the 32 bit libraries installed. And since 32 bit is not even available as an option for some current server based Linux distros (Redhat and CentOS 7 being two examples - although 32 bit libraries can be installed on the 64 bit distros).

von Donald Montaine - am 09.05.2016 19:05
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