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Dr.Explain help authoring software on offer again!

Startbeitrag von DarrenF am 20.05.2010 07:28

Hi guys,

I'm not on any commission (honest), but the Dr.Explain help authoring software is on the Bits du jour web site again for an amazing price! :spos:

If you're looking for this type of thing... Dr.Explain is certainly worth a look - especially for $66 :cheers:


Hi Darren

I got it a while back and they even sent be my free upgrade to v4. But I haven't figured how to get it incorporated in WD . If it is not to much trouble could you give me a brief outline or something. Thanks for any help.

von John Marrone - am 21.05.2010 14:22
Hi John,

I can indeed...

I've only implemented window level help at the moment. One day I'll try context sensitive field level help (...possibly) ;)

First of all I implemented a new table on my HF database (ID, WindowName, HelpID) then I developed a maintenance window that allows me to capture the window names (automatically) and then I manually assign a help ID to each window - the help ID's are generated by DrExp.

Then, in each of the templates that I use to create the windows of my system, I added a help button and in the click event, I have a bit of code that gets the current window name and reads this new "help" table (described above) and it's then a simple call to the WD help routine.

When you hit F1 or the Help button - the help system fires up at the area of the help system that corresponds to the help ID :spos:

It's as simple as that really...

Let me know if you need more info... :cheers:

von DarrenF - am 21.05.2010 14:42
Hi John

I send email to claim the free upgrade v4, but no reply from them,
when do you buy your v3?
I bought the v3 when the offer appear in this forum last year...


von Toddy Utomo - am 21.05.2010 14:46

Obviously, it depends when you purchased V3 - I think the free upgrade was from the point when they announced DrE v4 was on the way plus the period of time while DrE v4 was in beta?

Dennis at Indigo Byte is normally pretty good - maybe a polite post on their DrE forum might help if you're having trouble contacting him directly - I know he monitors the forum most days?

von DarrenF - am 21.05.2010 14:59
Hi Darren and John,

I add some notes from my actual testings (WD14) to this day:

1. You must give an ALIAS in DrExplain. For a reason I don't know, WHelp() will not display the help if no alias is specified, even if this is the help id we pass into parameters: WHelp("help.chm",123). If help id 123 does not have any ALIAS in DrExplain it will not dislay. (Aliases can be automatically generated in DrExplain.)

2. I've not yet been able to work with the Contextual help, specifying the help topic, help file with HelpFile() - even with an alias in DrExplain. And the "Help" tab in Window description accepts only HLP files. When pressing F1 on a control I get a "[HTML Help Author Message] Cannot open the file "c:\path\to\my\help.chm"." error. Maybe it's WinDev want a HLP file?

If anyone has a solution for contextual help...

You can also use the Help ID field in the description of an object and calling your help using this ID. For this you can use NumHelp() or the ..HelpNumber property. But for Forms, you can use an approach like Darren and also for multi-lingual projects where you will want something like that so to have a fixed help ID number whatever the language.

Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

von Alexandre Leclerc - am 21.05.2010 15:23
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