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[WD21] Update - V21 not as stable as V20

Startbeitrag von Al am 10.01.2017 23:04


I contacted tech support re the crash issue in my previous thread and received instructions on how to set up Windve to create a dump file to send when it crashes.

This may or not achieve a result in V21 but may assist PCSoft in V22

It is encouraging that PCSoft have a process like this in place because it not only means that they recognise that there are problems but that they are prepared to look into it.

So for those having issues, contact support and send them your crash dump files as this will help us all.




The 'secret' instructions on how to set up Windev to create a dump file would be useful;)

von DerekT - am 11.01.2017 11:51
Hello Derek

I agree it would be useful but I am hung up on the reputation PCSoft have in regards to protecting everything and the tech support emails all have this on them:
© PC SOFT. Information contained in this document cannot be used, duplicated or released without prior written agreement of PC SOFT.

Probably breaking one of their rule by even publishing the warning :)


von Al - am 11.01.2017 13:44
Hi Al, I don't think it's a big secret at all. I don't have time to put all the bits and pieces of info together now but there is a way to do remote debugging and the result of that debugging is a dump file which enables the debugger (you!) to re-run the problem on your computer and see what's really going on. Some years ago I used this mechanism to successfully identify a bug of one of our customers. Btw, it's been their problem (a bad HFSQL file).

von GuenterP - am 11.01.2017 17:27

The process to create a dump file
- open the "About window" with the editor menu "?"
- CTRL+click on the logo
- Enable for 10 days
- close and restart WINDEV (WEBDEV, WINDEV MOBILE)

Recreate the error, a debugging dump will be created in the X:\PCSOFTDUMP folder, where X is the drive where the product is installed.

At that point you would need to contact Tech support re sending the file or giving them an address for a file sharing site


von Al - am 11.01.2017 20:37
Hi Al,
thank you for detailing the procedure!
You can make a debug file for your own purposes with a function
And there's even a function for having a memory dump!

von GuenterP - am 12.01.2017 08:16
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