WB21 - Problem 2 table

Startbeitrag von Giovanni Carella am 21.02.2017 08:58

i have 2 table in a page in ajax mode.
When add the anchor at the table i have this problem:
- Chrome : Refresh the table 2 time where fill the data
- Edge: Refresh the continuously
- Opera: Same Chrome
- Internet explorer 8: The anchor is totaly wrong
- Firefox: work fine but slowly.

Another problem is the update of webdev 21. After update any project give me the error "Invalid vTable..."


I found a solution...

the problem is when in a page there is more ajax table and the ajax table are anchored. So, i converted a table in a classic mode and now the page is perfect

von Giovanni Carella - am 21.02.2017 10:38
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