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[WD20] WinDev Version More Recent than Runtime Framework?

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 10.08.2017 17:49

I have an application in production. It's been working fine, but all of a sudden one customer has an issue. It happens when they open a report in print preview, close it, then open another report in print preview. I haven't had time yet to confirm if it happens throughout the app or only from a certain window, but I have confirmed that this does not happen on my machine. These are all Win10 pc's. The exception message is below.

"This executable was created with a WinDev version more recent than the runtime framework used."


Hi. You can delete all WD*.dll from aplication folder and execute the application. Then it ask you for download de frameworks DLLs form PCSoft servers.


von Ruben Sanchez Peña - am 10.08.2017 20:36
If you are using framework DLLs external to the application, and you have some programs that were, for example, compiled with WD21 and others compiled with WD22, then you will need the DLLs for both versions in the execution directory.

von Donald Montaine - am 10.08.2017 21:49
I'm using "Framework included in the executable" for this application, so I believe neither of those suggestions apply. Thanks though!

von Curtis - am 10.08.2017 23:14
The only thing I could find in the documentation is that if your app uses any of the following features, you can not use "Framework included in the executable". Other than that, perhaps it is a bug.

•Bluetooth functions (feature allowed from version 200051)
•Native Accesses
•HTML control in the reports
•Burn functions (feature allowed from version 200051)
•Video Conference control
•CM15 (domotics via USB)
•Carousel control: image on disk only (feature allowed from version 200051)
•Xaml control
•Java functions not available (feature allowed from version 200051)
•Hasp functions (feature allowed from version 200051)
•Print in PCL format (feature allowed from version 200051)
•DirectX 3D charts
•Management of CAB archives

von Donald Montaine - am 11.08.2017 05:12
I had one line of code that dealt with Native Accesses. I got rid of this line and also updated our exe with the Win10 Creators Update Printing patch. The problem is still occurring. I might try reinstalling the application for them. Thanks for your continued help!

von Curtis - am 11.08.2017 16:44
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