[WM 22] First xcode build on mac Signing errors ?

Startbeitrag von Don Schwirtlich am 04.09.2017 16:17

Two messages on the mac (turned one on for the first time yesterday), (downloaded sierra and xcode yesterday, all went well) Error message >> Code signing is required for product type application in SDK ios 10.3 > signing for (my project) requires a development team - select a development team (I did, this, saved, closed, opened xcode, selected my project, and did a clean, then a build.


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von Don Schwirtlich - am 04.09.2017 16:38
Hi Don

Have you gone onto the Apple Developer Portal and registered and done all the code signing stuff there?


von André Labuschagné - am 09.09.2017 02:45
Thanks Andre, yes, I did go and sign up, I was prompted to do that when I downloaded the xcode and the o/s update i had to do with this Mac. I will go back and check though, my day job, is running into my weekend so I have got to follow the advice I have received as soon as I can. I will go back and check it, now that you mentioned it to be sure I did everything - I remember signing up for the id, but I need to check that that was actually my developer id , not just the Apple user id. I have my notes out and reading them. This could be the issue.

Thanks again.


von Don Schwirtlich - am 10.09.2017 05:43
Hi Don

Make sure that you have downloaded everything you need to onto the Mac. You are probably just missing a step or two. It can be a real PITA but once you get the heck of it you will find it seamless and a pleasure to work with.


von André Labuschagné - am 10.09.2017 09:15
Of that, I am sure Andre, now just going to step back and take a look and find that missing step.



von Don Schwirtlich - am 12.09.2017 23:34
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