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More on installing a 64 bit Debian Jessie App Server

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 21.09.2017 06:51

# You need to be comfortable with Linux. This is not a tutorial but a brief script to save other people the hours of time I put in researching this.
# These suggestions come from the PCSoft documentation, some discoveries I made during my many, many install attempts and a prior post in this forum by Mr Black
# My previous post would get an App Server installed, but deployment did not work
# With these additional instructions, you will be able to deploy and run a web site
# Console commands are in Blue
# For this installation I used bunsenlabs linux (www.bunsenlabs.org)
# It allows installation of a pre-configured LAMP server during the post installation script. And was the one version of Debian Jessie that allowed a successful install
# you may need Winscp and Putty on your Windows computer

# Once Linux is installed -
Login using the username and password you selected during installation
# the post installation script will assure that all updates are applied

# download and install Webmin from www.webmin.com (you really need this) using the web browser in bunsenlabs linux
# once webmin is downloaded you can install with
# dpkg -i webmin* (which will fail) then apt-get -f install which will load the required dependencies and install webmin
# open a terminal session
sudo su
apt install vsftpd libqtcore4 libqtgui4 libc6-dev libstdc++-4.9-dev zlib1g-dev ttf-mscorefonts-installer
nano /etc/vsftpd.conf

# uncomment "write_enabled=YES"
# uncomment "local_umask=022"
# cntl-O to save
# cntl-X to exit
# Upload the following files to your Documents folder folder using WinScp
# WEBDEV_Install.zip
# webdev_install_test64
# mantainstall.zip
# manta_install64
cd /home/_your_login_account/Documents
chmod +x *64

# dialog 1 - scroll down and accept license agreement
# dialog 2 - all prerequisites should be installed so just select "Next >"
# dialog 3 - accept default setup directory
# dialog 4 - no changes necessary, select "Next >" unless you want to host sites
made with a version prior to 22, then change as appropriate
# dialog 5 - accept "webdevadmin" as the user and group for managing the sites, select "Next >"
# dialog 6 - select "Yes"
# dialog 7 - select "Yes"
# dialog 8 - select "Yes"

usermod -a -G webdevadmin www-data
usermod -a -G root www-data

#now run this command a second time and choose "Upgrade"
cd /etc/apache2/mods-enabled
ln -s ../mods-available/actions.load ./actions.load
ln -s ../mods-available/actions.conf ./actions.conf
ln -s ../mods-available/cgi.load ./cgi.load

# after the system boots, login again
# using webmin in the browser enter https://localhost:10000 as the URL
# in the menus and tabs choose "Servers, Apache Webserver, Global Configuration, Configure Apache Modules"
# make sure the Actions and CGI modules are checked ( and leave all existing checked modules checked) and then click the "Enable Selected Modules" button at the bottom of the page
# Log out of Webmin
# Enter http://localhost/WDAdminWeb220 and login as Admin
# Create a WebDev account using the same name and password as your Linux login
# Make the account a WebDev administrator (optional)
# Change the Maximum number of connections for all sites of this account to a value
# other than zero
# Set the Directory for FTP transfer to " /home/_your_login_account/ftp_webdev"

# now open a terminal

sudo su
cd /home/_your_login_/Documents

# dialog 1 - scroll down and accept license agreement
# dialog 2 - accept default setup directory
# dialog 3 - accept or change server name but keep other settings
# dialog 4 - accept or decline

# run the following commands for your login account
# (Note: the following commands should also be used for any new linux
# account you create replacing the references to _your_login_account
# with the newly created account name
# also make sure you create a matching Webdev account for each new
# account you create)
>usermod -a -G _your_login_account www-data
>mkdir /home/_your_login_account/data
>mkdir /home/_your_login_account/site
>mkdir /home/_your_login_account/ftp_webdev
>mkdir /home/_your_login_account/webserviceREST
>mkdir /home/_your_login_account/webserviceSOAP

# You will now be able to deploy a site using your login account as the ftp account and the same account name as your WebDev account.

# to Manage WebDev go to "http://[your server URL]/WDAdminWeb220 - Login: ADMIN Password: admin
# to Manage HFSQL go to "http://[your server URL]/WDAdminHF220 - Login: ADMIN Password:
# to Manage SAAS go to "http://[your server URL]/WDAdminSaaS220 - Login: ADMIN Password: admin
# Note: you can also use the Windows based HFSQL Control Center to manage the HFSQL server


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