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WEBDEV can create nice site like this sample URL link ?

Startbeitrag von PETER ZHOU am 27.12.2017 06:00



Is webdev's dynamic page able to incorporate the theme & css from the above mentioned site ?




Hi Peter,

Webdev can work with css but it has its own styling stuff as well. If you need to be able to change css on the fly you have to overwrite te css from the webdev styling.

That is quite a task but it is doable

If you just need this kind of site , meaning the look and feal , well Yes that is doable.

Iam working on a new site with webdev 22 looks a bit like your example I guess

von Allard - am 27.12.2017 10:38
You can always use HTML code to achieve what may be difficult with WebDev, but I guess what you want to do is mostly doable with WebDev, but you'll need to modify the HTML of some of your controls to include the animations.

von Luis Antonio Gutiérrez Flores - am 02.01.2018 18:00
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