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WD code editor locks up after windows crtical update

Startbeitrag von John Marrone am 25.12.2010 12:12


For about the last 8 days windows downloads and installs a critical update and after this has happen the WD code editor will freeze as soon as I click in side the code editor window. I then have to do a system restore to the point before the update and then all is well. Has anybody had this problem and if so did you get it fixed and would you share the fix with me. I really need help with this one. Thanks so much for any help. I am really stuck on this problem. I am having to restore my system every morning. I have configured windows not to do updates but windows does this one anyways. I can't turn it off. If anyone has the answer to this problem please help if you would.

Merry Christmas to everyone and your families.


Hey John, What windows version did u have, and what WD version?.

In some windows updates there are some restrictions.

Other point that i see is windows media player, the WMP 11 gotta some trouble on Windev screen, i use prior version 10 and runs fine.


Manfred (Osvaldo)

von Manfred - am 25.12.2010 13:28
Hi Manfred

I am using Windows 7 professional. I will check out my windows player and if I do have version 11 where would I find an older version to download and install and I assume I would have to uninstall version 11 first. But I have not used window media player to bring this on but maybe you don't have to run the player for this to happen?

If anybody else have any ideals please chip in. And thanks Manfred. There has got to be a fix. It seems to only effect the WD codee editor. The rest of WD runs smoothly, just when I click in a code editor window WD freezes and is useless until I restore my system back to before that that point.

von John Marrone - am 25.12.2010 13:52
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