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WD15(...63j) Tab order changes in forms uncontrollably

Startbeitrag von Ola am 18.01.2011 17:50

WD15(...63j) Tab order changes in forms uncontrollably, in 64-bit Windows 7.

First I just wondered and scratched my head. Now I am pretty certain that it is a bug. Form windows that I thought I had actually finished years ago now give me trouble when I am testing them again.

And in new forms also.

The tab order behaves in a peculiar way. Sometimes the cursor moves only in a few fields and does not reach all the fields it should. I check the tab order, and it has changed. Some controls have lost the definition that they are reachable by Tab. The supercontrol SCSystemButtons has moved to somewhere in the middle of the tab order, and I have certainly always placed it last in the order. This definitely does not make the development 10 times faster. I believe this started to happen after some exception level errors (in some other window).

In my latest window, when I open it, the cursor sets itself in the field I was last programming, not in the first field, and still, in this window, the tab order seems to be ok when checked with Alt-F5 (except for SCSystemButtons, which has moved to the beginnig from the end where I had put it).

There are no unsolved errors.

This is very frustrating and time consuming. Does anyone know what might be going on here?

best regards


Panic over.

I cleared the compilation directory and repaired the project, and these problems seem to have gone, for the time being.

The main problem still remains, which is the increased lability of WD. Too often, I have weird problems like this, and quite too often, WD simply rolls over and plays dead. Some versions ago I could keep WD on for months(!!!). But since then there have been a few thousand new features introduced...


von Ola - am 18.01.2011 18:11

the panic is over, but the extra work is not. There are still defective forms (I don't know yet how many, until I have tested them all) that have their tab order messed up: the SCSystemButtons has moved to the middle of the form and the tab only moves to that point and then returns to the beginning. I have check each form!


von Ola - am 18.01.2011 18:48
The Panic is back. Last weekend I checked some form windows, and the same problem was back! It is unexplainable, the tab order of the controls changes "automatically"! Spent the whole weekend going through all form windows and fixing this same problem all over again!

I am not a happy windever!


von Ola - am 11.04.2011 14:25
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