Suche alte Kewet eljet 1,2 oder 3

Startbeitrag von henrik gade am 25.01.2011 08:42


I'am interestet in buying a old kewet eljet, it dosents mader what condition the kewet is in, because i will restore it.

maximum price 1000Euro


I know a Kewet 3 in good condition. The place is near by Munich. The Kewet is since 5-8 years, stored dry at a car dealer, color white, batterys dead, Zivan charger, price about 1500 Euro
but I think the price is negotiable
If you are interested, I can go to the seller and make some photos

von Claus. - am 25.01.2011 16:48
Hi Claus

That would be great, with some pictures.

thank you in advance.

von henrik gade - am 25.01.2011 18:05
I have bought a kewet eljet 2 today for 670Euro...

von henrik gade - am 11.02.2011 13:31
great deal, how are the condition from the Kewet, good/bad ?

von Claus. - am 11.02.2011 17:25
the condition is okay, and the kewet comes with a original kewet hook for a trailer :-)

von henrik gade - am 12.02.2011 13:11
Hello Henrik,

can you make some picture from the hook for me, please ?
Perhaps you can make some picture from the machanik under the bumper, too.
Send the picture to "info ((@))"

von Claus. - am 13.02.2011 07:53
Of cause

i will send some pictures when the kewet arrive to me :-)

von henrik gade - am 13.02.2011 17:26
Hi Hendrik,

can you send me your adress,
I like to charging at 02.06.2011 on the way to Ellertmeeting and
by the rearway at 05.06.2011


from Tom in Beckum

von Tomfe - am 16.02.2011 09:11

stevedorevej 4
8700 Horsens

von henrik gade - am 16.02.2011 19:42
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