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Eddie and Bobby Buster

Startbeitrag von Eddie Buster, III am 01.08.2003 02:49


I was looking for some of my father's and uncle's albums and i came accross you website...Really nice...My late father and uncle were incrdible musicians...I now appreciate their contribution to the B3 and piano....I would love to do an article on both of them for your website...Please email me it you think that would be a good idea....and thanks for keeping it going....Eddie Buster, III


I'll send you an individual email.

von Juergen Wolf - am 02.08.2003 11:32
I used to take lessons from your uncle Bobby in New Haven. He had one of his B-3's in his basement and that's where the lessons took place. I still have nothing but admiration and respect for him as a man and musician. I talk about him still to this day as being the only person who could play any song thrown at him in any key, a amazing talent. The last time I saw your father and uncle play they were together at, I believe your fathers birthday party at a motel ballroom in West Haven on Beach St, it was a warm and glorious event. Best of luck at finding your fathers and uncles recordings, if I hear of any I will drop you a line.

Thanks, Rich Iannucci
now in Atlanta still hauling and playing the Hammond.

von Rich Iannucci - am 24.12.2003 20:23
Hi Rich:

Im in Atlanta also...do u play around town...Let me know...I live in East Point...Take care..Ed

678 886-1260

von Eddie Buster, III - am 14.02.2004 17:38
Hey Ed

Saw the Buster name ,and knew it was my
family talking.It hard to imagine even now Dad ,
and uncle Bob ...not being here .It's taken me a while to
understand where I belong in this business ,but I
finally figured it out.The funny thing is Ed....Dad was
getting me ready for this, my whole life.I'm starting my
own label,and have been putting the clientel together
for some time.I've been out with celebs,and have made
some really great connections.I want a degree in entertainment
law,and am trying to find a way in school.Give me a call,when
u have time.
Your little brother


von Brian A. Buster - am 24.03.2004 16:32
Hey Ed
My home #is 203-481-8864,and my cell is
203 -589-8875.Later

von Brian A. Buster - am 24.03.2004 16:41
Hey guys, what's up. I'm putting together a blurb on Dad and Uncle Eddie for The Partnership for Connecticut Cities. they are publishing a book titled: New Haven, A Coummunity of Art. Stay in touch:


von Jackie Buster Lawrence - am 22.12.2004 14:20
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