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Truce Visse, Bev Z, SILVIA, Sylvia / Austria


Startbeitrag von Sylvia / Austria am 07.10.2001 19:40

Dear Truce & Evi,

I just can say: I love this page :) and of course I am happy to be a part of the WWFO also in the future!

Being optimistic I think everything will go fine and we all will find a way to do the best for the other fans - Mom and I already have a 'funny' idea we would like to present you as soon as possible :)

In the meantime I wish you good luck with this page and look forward to hearing from you!

Thanks for your hard work and the doors you open(ed) for me/us!

Lotti Stammtisch


Dear Truce!

This page ist wonderful. I wish you good luck with this page and thanks for your hard work.

Greetings from Vienna, SILVIA

von SILVIA - am 07.10.2001 21:43
Truce, this is a very nice website. The information on the fan meetings is very helpful. I just wish that I could attend or at least attend some of them.


Bev Zielinski

von Bev Z - am 07.10.2001 22:33
Greetings too Sylvia. Take care Truce

von Truce Visse - am 08.10.2001 20:04
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