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Swissair? Swiss? Sweden? SWISS? Swaziland?

Startbeitrag von mas am 30.08.2002 07:56

New York. Evening. Dave calls his girlfriend:

- Hello Darling, how are you? .. still up?
- Yes Dave. Nice of you to call. What's up?
- Tomorrow I fly.
- I see. I hope you have a nice flight then.
- I fly SWISS.
- What?
- Yeah, I have to go and meet some Swiss business friends, so I fly SWISS.
- Huh? What the hell have you been smoking?
- Nothing. what I mean is: I fly SWISS to Unique.
- What? You fly SWISS to Unique?
- Yeah.. you know... their airport?
- Whatever. But you sound like you're confused, Dave.
- Hey. I just wanted to tell you that I fly tomorrow.
- First class?
- Not worth it. To Unique I fly SWISS economy.
- What!! You fly SWISS economy to unique?
- Yes.
- But I heard the Swiss economy is in trouble.
- Not anymore. They have a new airline now.
- The Swiss?
- No, SWISS.
- Dave, you make me dizzy.
- Listen. Tomorrow I fly SWISS economy to Unique, back on Friday. Okay?
- But... this sounds like you've lost your mind.
- No I haven't. You see: The name had to be unique.
- You mean the airport?
- No, the airline.
- What?
- The name of the airline had to be unique.
- But Bob... I thought that's the Zurich airport.
- What?
- Unique.
- I dunno. I guess the Swiss are a little unique themselves.
- Don't offend the Swiss, Dave. I have a friend who is Swiss!
- Not quite correct. Before he was only Swiss. Now he is an airline.
- Funny point. But... that airline used to be called Swissair, right?
- Yes, but they cut off the air.
- Why?
- Because they don't fly anymore. So they don't need the air.
- I see. But does anybody understand this mess with all these names?
- Sure. They have good communication experts there.
- The Swiss?
- No, it was a Canadian who found the new name.
- Don't be crazy. A Canadian invented SWISS?
- Yeah, he won the five hundred thousand dollar "find-a-name" competition.
Now he bought an Island in Sweden.
- You mean Switzerland?
- No. In Sweden. He bought an island in Sweden to get away from
- Why would he want to go away from it all?
- Because of the Swiss.
- You mean the airline?
- No. The Swiss who chose the winner of the new SWISS design.
- You mean the design of the new airline?
- Yeah. He couldn't take it that they chose the design of Benson Shaman.
- Why would that be?
- He is from Swaziland.
- You mean Switzerland?
- No, I mean the kingdom of Swaziland in South East Africa. It must be one
personal feud or jealousy.
- Dave, give me a break.
- Yeah, better go and sleep. But it won't be easy. Just think of tomorrow,
what will a Swiss pilot say when he meets another pilot: "I am from
SWISS"? Maybe he says he is Swiss, and the other pilot thinks he is an
- This sounds crazy. But thanks for the call Dave. Have nice flight
- Well, I hope they will really fly tomorrow. They are busy painting the


hehehe... *smile*

von anita - am 22.01.2003 15:14
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