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Startbeitrag von Telecad am 04.06.2003 20:33

Hi! I'm new to Pytha. Greetings from the USA. Does anyone speak English?:cool:


yes, everybody.... sometimes...

i wish you a great start with pytha..!!

von Olaf Jehn - am 04.06.2003 21:33

welcome to the Forum!
In general English is understood within the Forum and you are very welcome to make your contributions in English!

Best regards from the headquarter

Uschi Flassig

von Uschi Flassig - am 05.06.2003 05:41
Thank you very much! :cool:
We are a custom furniture / millwork manufacturer in Miami, Florida. I am very happy to be here.
I have learned from past experience to watch & learn. So we are currently trying to use an online translator to do just that.
We have recently purchased P16/17 and are coming to grips with it. We are trying to find an optimizer to turn Pytha parts list into Kvara.prg files so that our Holzer(Kvara 400 controller saw) can read Pytha.

von Telecad - am 05.06.2003 14:43

do you have any information on the .prg format? What do they need to read?

Best regards

Uschi Flassig

von Uschi Flassig - am 05.06.2003 15:23
We are looking for anyone who would have experience with the "Ardis Cutting Optimizer" software for Win2k pro. Or any other equivalent software. Hopefully at some "down to earth price".:cool:

von Telecad - am 05.06.2003 17:14
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