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Pictures of padding for loop practice????

Startbeitrag von Vicki am 25.07.2007 20:40

Thought I remember a web-site with pictures where the gal had completely padded herself while trying forward loops. Can't find it now. I'm wondering if it was a web video and not pictures maybe?

It was kind of funny -she looked like a sumo wrestler all padded up.

Funny - but definitely inspirational - which is why I'd like to find it again.



Hello Vicki,

Hmm, to be honest I have never seen this "padded" loop thing. Anyway I do think that by far the best "protection" against injuries ...
... is of course mental preparation. Sometimes hard work ( see our article: http://www.windgirls.com/tiffany_forwards.html ). But certainly worth it!

You'll also find useful advice in earlier posts in this forum!

Good luck and smart rotations, Andy

von AndyWindgirls - am 01.08.2007 14:40
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