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Welcome to the Lutricia McNeal Board

Startbeitrag von JAMIE am 06.06.2002 16:38

Welcome everyone,

it's great to see you here. I created this website for Lutricia McNeal to get in touch with other lutricious fans. (And to impress her of course hihihi... :-))

So please leave a message here and let's talk about all things Lutricia.
Things like:

+++ What do you think of her new song "Perfect Love"?
+++Have you already seen Lutricia live or have you even met her?
+++What's your favorite song by Lutricia McNeal?
+++How many CD's have you got?
+++Have you already heard the new album?
+++How popular is she in your country?

Stuff like this... so get nuts and POST WHATEVER YOU WANT!



Re: Welcome ...

By the way, you don't need to log in to post a message or anything. JUst click on the NEW TOPIC link and say whatever you want.

von JAMIE - am 06.06.2002 18:01
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