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Cedrics PI-Signal-Kit für Sony XDR F1/S3/S10 im Test

Startbeitrag von Erich Hoinicke am 12.10.2009 11:59

Was lange währt, wird endlich gut... Vorgeschichte:



Hallo Erich

Was bedeuten die Klammern um die PI-code bei der ONkyo-Bench Combination??


von Gerard Groningen - am 12.10.2009 14:05
Die PI-Codes mit klammern bedeuten das der PI Code später war

De PI Code in tussen de haakjes is zeg maar de tweede plaats, en dus de tragere ;)

von Jassy - am 12.10.2009 14:06

Wer Erfahrung mit dem von Jan Kolar programmierten PI-Chip hat, weiß, dass es zwei PI-modes gibt: Die sichere Standardeinstellung, die den PI-Code erst nach mehrmaligen Einlesen anzeigt und die empfindlichere, aber auch unsichere Einstellung, die den zuerst eingelesenen PI-code sofort anzeigt. Dieser letztere PIDX-mode eignet sich besonders für Sporadic E- oder Meteorscatter-DX und wird bei Jan Kolars PIC bis zum Reset festgehalten. Cédrics Kit arbeitet ebenfalls in diesem empfindlichen mode, erneuert sich aber, sobald ein neuer Code identifiziert wird. Nachteil: Es werden bedingt durch Nachbarkanal- oder Gleichwellenstörungen bedeutend mehr Fake codes (z.B. p56f, b12f, a540...) angezeigt als mit Jan Kolars Chip - in meinen beiden Scans etwa 20 gegenüber 1. Solange der angezeigte Code vom erwarteten 1. Länderbuchstaben abweicht, ist die Falschanzeige erkenn- und resetbar. Cédric will das Problem softwareseitig lösen:

"Yes the kit shows fake PI code , the problem is the >arduino board

von Erich Hoinicke - am 13.10.2009 06:40
aktueller Nachtrag für Interessenten: :)

"I'will close this yahoo group because I have some problems with it.
Please move to http://groups.google.fr/group/xdrlcdkit/
for stay informed about lcd xdr kit.
And I have great news, lcd kits are available. Other functions like frequency will be upgraded after by arduino shell command and for free.

see you on google group.
73 ced"

>Fotos der ersten Kleinserie

von Erich Hoinicke - am 13.10.2009 07:46

I decided to valid a pi code when it receives two times
Ideal wäre es, hier eine Umschaltmöglichkeit vorzusehen.

Hat schon mal jemand erfolgreich den Conrad PI decoder angeschlossen ?

von Werner53 - am 13.10.2009 15:45
I hope to try the kit soon. I shall also try the Sony XDR-S100CD FM+DAB radio in the hope that it is the European equivalent of the XDR-S3HD

von Jules_aus_Manchester - am 14.10.2009 09:06
I now have the XDR-S100CD, and sadly it is no dx-machine

von Jules_aus_Manchester - am 16.10.2009 22:30
What a pity! I got a mail from Ced this morning. He decided on selling the first 10 xdrlcdkits with the same firmware of my prototype. Once again, it's working fine and worth its salt. The offer to get the firmware updated later is a good perspective.

[OT]As I just have my hands on a KT-6040 I found your pages in the web (recognizing them again in your upper link). So I needn't worry about problems you get to connect the kit to any tuner. ;)

I soldered the two capacitors to the rotary encoder, although the problem did not occure so far. What is your experience after years? Is that really a solution? Please reply by Email. [/OT]

Concerning your new old S100: Give it away. It's Christmas soon. ;)

von Erich Hoinicke - am 16.10.2009 23:54
Usually, all DAB/FM-Combination receivers available use one of those Frontier Silicon /
Radioscape modules, either original or a taiwanese/chinese second source. The resulting
selectivity / sensitivity is comparable to what you get on a better ten year old analogue receiver.
I agree with Erich on this, make it a x-mas present to someone you like and is in need of
another kitchen / bedroom radio. Btw, with Sony, XDR simply means, it is able to receive digital
radio and not a sign of any other capability.

von Nohab - am 17.10.2009 06:24
Yes, it was an expensive disappointment :-(
I have now made a web page: http://ukradio.info/XDR-S100CD/

Erich, I presume you are going to connect your Bench Küchenradio to the KT-6040, which should be good with the 'narrow' 150kHz filters. The baseband composite signal, audio + RDS, is available at TP4
Nohab, thanks, I have always wondered what 'XDR' means. You have seen the FS device in my photo, and it is a FS1010G-A, if that means anything.
So, the search is still on, for a Sony product for the European or World market, with the F1HD receiver module http://ukradio.info/XDR-F1HD/tuner.jpg

(how do you make this 'URL einfuegen' thing work?)

von Jules_aus_Manchester - am 17.10.2009 10:14
> (how do you make this 'URL einfuegen' thing work?)
Click on the Planet symbol, enter the url, click on 'Ok', the cursor is placed between the tags,
enter your link description there, e.g your page:
My XDR-S100CD-Infopage.
If you click on 'Diesen Eintrag zitieren', you'll see the source. Btw. you can use BB-Code here.
EDIT: BBCode explained, most of it works here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BBCode

von Nohab - am 17.10.2009 10:34
Erich, I presume you are going to connect your Bench Küchenradio to the KT-6040, which should be good with the 'narrow' 150kHz filters. The baseband composite signal, audio + RDS, is available at TP4

Indeed, that's what I did today. I used 2 x 110 (wide) and 4 x 110 (normal) filters for RDS readout. The position "narrow" (2 x 110 + 4 x 80) is for DX only without RDS of course. After separating the two green "System Control" jacks from the board and connecting them with TP4, I could test my Bench and another homebrew PI-Decoder from Italy in parallel. Here the results in addition to the upper list:

[MHZ] Station, Standort, [kw],[km]	Onkyo T-9900+	Sony XDR-S3+    Kenwood KT-6040+                           (****) = delayed
Bench PI-kit Ceds PI/S-kit Bench PI-kit Italian PI-kit
S [dBµV]PI-code S [dBµV]PI-code PI-Code PI-Code

87,6 hr3, Sachpfeife, 100, 91 23 D363 37 (d363) D363 D363
89,5 hr3, H. Meißner, 100, 157 16 (D363) 29 d363 D363 -
90,4 YouFM, Ffm, 0,5, 20 16 (D366) 29 d366 - -
90,9 R.Rüsselsheim, Rüss., 0,32, 18 24 1465 37 1465 1465 1465
91,0 hr1, Sackpfeife, 100, 91 20 - 34 - - -
92,3 YouFM, Bingen, 0,2, 41 20 - 34 d366 (D366) -
92,5 RRW, Wiesbaden, 0,05, 14 18 1A6A 30 1a6a 1A6A (1A6A)
92,9 SWR1, Pforzheim, 5, 148 23 - 36 d301 - -
93,2 Rockland R., Mannheim, 1, 72 20 (D3AA) 34 d3aa D3AA D3AA
98,0 Bayern 4, Pfaffenbg., 1, 64 20 nix?!? 33 d314 D314 D314
98,5 R.Bob, Michelstadt, 0,1, 66 22 - 37 d46a D46A D46A
99,3 Bayern 3, Büttelberg, 25, 163 16 D313 28 d313 D313 (D313)
99,4 Primavera, Miltenberg, 0,05, 80 18 - 30 - D91A -
101,8 D.Neue Welle, Karlsr., 25, 131 22 (D30C) 37 d30C D50C D50C
101,9 Ant.Bayern, Heidelstn, 100, 120 18 (D318) 33 - - -
102,9 RPR1, Bad Mariental, 25, 67 34 - 48 d4a8 - -
104,8 hr1, Heidelstein, 100,120 23 (D361) 41 d361 D361 -
105,3 B5 akt., Kreuzberg, 100, 115 24 - 42 d315 D315 -
106,2 hr3, Heidelstein, 40, 120 16 D363 31 - - -

von Erich Hoinicke - am 18.10.2009 02:03
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