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First, to Robert, you are aboslutely wrong. They are not "explosive" or ticking time bombs, there is NO scientific proof that this breed has any imbalances that make them snap at a certain age or are more aggressive then your average breed. Second, I MUST disgree with this websites claim that they become aggressive from boredom, that is absurd. Do ALL dogs go to bad behaviors such as marking, chewing, digging, etc from boredom? Absolutely! Just like a child they are going to get into something if they don't have an outlet for their energy. However to say they become aggressive from it no one can say honestly, they were bred to for herding bulls among other things as someone stated in previous psot, not for dog fighting (yes they were used for it, with many other breeds that never get mentioned). I work with animals everyday I don't speak from something i've read on the internet, some bias site one way OR the other, I see at LEAST 7 pitbulls a day (pitbull types *typically what is called a pitbull is a mix of pitbull type dogs, apbt/amstaff/staffordshire bull terriers/) and they are almost always friendly to humans and dogs. In fact the only animal attacks we've had at my location were german shephards and a springer spaniel. Also, so often I come across this sweet dog (pit) that loves humans and LOVES dogs and often in my area their back ground was either a bait dog, abused, beat, or forced in dog fighting. So I guess that throws a wrench in peoples belief they can't go from a bad enviroment to become great pets, an animal starved of love won't be mean, but when shown love will crave more love., dermapure cream, gzn,

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Thanks you all so much. I feel like we get the best advice from people we don't actually know for some reason. I know I know the whole thing was suspicious with his "ex" girlfriend....which is why I am so glad I didn't feel comfortable having sex then. And yes, I do know it should have been on me also to have condoms but I'm not even going to lie here. I have only been with two other people and one was someone I was with for 3 1/2 years so, I'm a little behind in some things. One of my girlfriends told me the same thing "why didn't you have any!!?" On the other hand though, another guy I know told me if I had had them I would have just looked slutty because girls who have them obviously have a lot of sex. Double standard still alive haha. But I do think I should have them if I don't want to run into roadblocks however, maybe it's for the best since dude is clearly cheating on someone along these 5 months. I really want to confront him about the really good points you guys made but if it's via text or voicemail I kind of lose the power of seeing a reaction. Would it be kind of messed up to wait until I see him in person to call him out or a)is that dumb since I still want him anyway for whatever stupid reason and b)will he show no valid reaction anyway? My one guy friend has been telling me all along wait until you're in person to have these important conversations/ confront his ass but the problem has always been I can never talk about too much that's serious in person because he is a "sweep u off your feet" type person and it's so unfair. But I am smiling now so I just want to tell him he's immature but I don't know how/when. Or is silence better? It has gotten to him before it drives him nuts. And Bill, no not BK for his job but a chain tool store lol so no office to go to. Thanks again everybody!, zygor guides, cnhpph,

von MarionHolcombe - am 06.11.2012 15:26


Hello LanceNYC,My foot didn't stink at all while in splint or boot and also didn't get moist at all, I would say it was cold all the time and hairy of course, as I couldn't wash it at all. Anyway, I went to work 5 days post op (I work in an international transports company so I'm sitting on a chair usually), but I always had my foot elevated. Elevation is pretty important I guess, because that part of the leg isn't really well blood-circulated and of course, when you are standing it swells a lot and feels uncomfortable. My doc advised elevation at all times. I started PT 2 and a half months after op and I say it hurts. I didn't feel any pain at all during these months except from same night after op, and now PTs are killing me. Physio must stretch the tendon and work on ROM so he pushes my feet and massage the tendon which is swollen because of the fluids that are been gathered to this area due to the immobility for 2 months. He starts with tens (currents), then ultrasounds (this feels pretty uncomfortable when passing over the incision). I now have 3 days that I started a little strengthen, doing exercises with rubber bands, also at home. I go every day except weekends, 10 days now, I guess I'll be spending a whole month there, if not more...for me, it's not only I want just to walk normally, I'd like to get back to basketball, so I'll do what it takes to get my favourite activity back soon, and more.Wish you good luck to the rest of your healing procedure and I suggest you keep your foot elevated as much as you can., online casino games, yab,

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