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Problem on DRS 1 from Chasseral (103.0 MHz) ?

Startbeitrag von GVA am 13.04.2010 15:52

Hello ;)
My german is so bad that I don't dare to write in that language. I hope it's not a problem for you. But you can answer me in german, I will try to understand.

I'm coming from another forum and I would like your help about the reception of DRS 1 from the Chasseral transmitter. Some people have noticed a fast and repetitive noise on that frequency (103.0 MHz). We can hear it since at least a month and a half. It's really annoying and we can't listen to DRS 1 in these conditions. Hopefully, we have some alternatives (Mt-Salève on 87.8 MHz or DAB+ for example). Before that, the reception was good here in Geneva (stereo and RDS OK).

At the begining we only had reports from the region of Geneva or from regions of France near Geneva. So I thought it was a local disturbance. But now, we have a report from Lausanne and Neuchâtel where the problem is the same. I know these regions are outside the transmitter's coverage area.

Someone thinks it's a problem on the transmitter itself. If it's right, I would be really surprised that no one else has noticed that noise. And I would be much more surprised that neither SRG SSR idée suisse or Swisscom Broadcast did nothing to solve the problem !

So, I would like to know if you hear that noise too. If yes, can you tell me where you are ? And of course, if you have an idea about the origin of that noise... :)

Vielen Dank :)


Yes, I can here these disturbances too, I am here in Uster, close to Zurich, the Chasseral comes here with a very good singal.

von dxbruelhart - am 13.04.2010 17:58
Here in Lörrach near Basel the signal strength of Chasseral 103.0 MHz is fluctuating at a very fast rate, it is almost looking like fading due to tropospheric scatter. But the transmitter is almost line-of sight here, and the other Chasseral transmitters do not have these fluctuations. There is a slight noise in the audio signal, apparently linked to the fast changes of signal level. Probably the Chasseral transmitter on 103.0 MHz has a technical fault.

73 de Uli

von ulionken - am 13.04.2010 18:13
I have made now a fault report to the SBC, they will answer me by email.

von dxbruelhart - am 13.04.2010 18:18
Thank you very much ! Your answers are really helpfull. So, finally it's probably a problem on the transmitter.

We had another report from Marin-Epagnier (NE) where the reception is good with no disturbance.

So it seems that the noise can be heard only when the power is below than a certain level. This can probably explain why this problem is still going on after at least a month and a half.

Thank you dxbruelhart for your mail to SBC. I'm curious to know more about that ;)

von GVA - am 13.04.2010 22:49
The problem still persits; the SBC helpdesk gave me no usable answer, but I contacted now the responsible for all FM transmitters of the SBC in Switzerland.

von dxbruelhart - am 16.04.2010 06:02
Thank you again dxbruelhart. I hope you'll have more chance with this person.

But Swisscom Broadcast doesn't have a monitoring system to automatically detect such defaults on their transmitters ? Especially on biggest installations like the Chasseral ?

von GVA - am 16.04.2010 13:07
In the past I as well made the experience of very unfriendly and arrogant people in the Swiss broadcasting administration and government offices. Switzerland - a democratic country, but not concerning answering technical questions about radio- and TV-frequencies.

von Westwind - am 16.04.2010 13:59
The Chasseral has been repaired today and now it works again perferctly; here also again superb reception on 103,0 DRS1.

von dxbruelhart - am 20.04.2010 14:30
Thank you very much dxbruelhart !

Do you know what was the problem ?

von GVA - am 23.04.2010 12:11
I have not received any answer from the Swiss Broadcasting Company (Swisscom Broadcasting was not involved from me), but the Chasseral transmitter works again and still perfectly.

von dxbruelhart - am 25.04.2010 18:34
Hello !

The problem is coming back... on DRS 3 (105.3 MHz) now ! The symptoms are exactly the sames as the first time. Do you confirm ?

Sadly, we still don't know what was/is the origin of the problem. I'm curious by nature and I'm interessed to know more about this.

Dxbruelhart, I would be grateful if you could write again to the person you know at SBC. I hope he will answer you this time... with a lot of details, who knows. Haha


von GVA - am 06.07.2010 21:08
Nobody has answered, but for your information, it seem that all is back to normal now.

von GVA - am 09.07.2010 11:03
I have phoned with the technical departement of the SBC, and it seems all have been solved fast.

von dxbruelhart - am 09.07.2010 11:22
Thanks dxbruelhart ;)

von GVA - am 09.07.2010 17:20
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