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What Are We Going To Do With Cisse?

Startbeitrag von bazwill am 05.05.2004 20:08

There is a very strong possibility that Cisse will be coming to Liverpool. He's obviously very quick which is something we could do with up front considering Owen seems a bit short of pace at the moment.

One thing is worrying me though. With the current managers preference for rigidity in a midfield that plays deep, would his quickness just be an excuse for us to lob the ball up to him.

I think most supporters would prefer to see more fluidity and movement about Liverpool but with the current midfield strategy I think a quick forward would just encourage the long ball?

I think Cisse's pace will worry defenders but Im concerned about the way we will use him.

What do you think? Will he be an asset, or will he merely encourage the long ball and reinforce our cautious defensive approach by doing this?



Hallo German Reds,
bin stark an der CD interessiert, wie wäre es mit einer Sammelbestellung damit könnte man sich Versandkosten sparen!
Gruß Jonny

von BMG-Jonny - am 06.05.2004 04:50
@ bazwill

I think we need a player like Cisse because of his killer instinct, we've got only one natural goalscorer in our squad and that's St. Michael (Milan is fantastic, but not a natural born killer) but he's too injury prone! I think Houllier will buy at least one new midfielder for next season (i hope SWP or Malbranque) for the right wing and imagine a midfield with Malbranque/SWP on the right wing and an in form Kewell on the other side??? it would be great!

i know it sounds strange but our main problem in midfield is Didi Hamann, he sits back to much and is to slow moving forwards so our midfield lacks pace! Didi was great but i think his time at Anfield should be over, i don't think Didi would play in any of the top 3 sides!

what do you think about the rumours about Alan Smith? good or bad?

von Spion Kop - am 06.05.2004 07:03

I think Smith is a committed player but I dont think his goal scoring record is very good. Maybe in a better team he would improve. I dont really think he is any better than what we already have though.

Spion Kop.
If you are coming to Liverpool against Newcastle and want a copy of the cd I could arrange to meet you outside Anfield. I wont be able to get there until quite near kick off time though.

What does the post above say? Ive tried to translate it but cant make any sense of it. I'm afraid my German is lacking somewhat.

von bazwill - am 07.05.2004 15:45
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