Deportivo wait on Reds Luque move

Startbeitrag von Spion Kop1 am 08.06.2005 12:12

Deportivo la Coruna's 27-year-old striker Albert Luque wants his future sorted out with Liverpool believed to be interested in signing him.
"Liverpool did make an offer but that was several months ago," said the Spain club's spokesman Rafael Carpacho.

"They were very interested and we don't know if they will make another offer,"

The Reds are believed to have offered £8m for Luque whose club value him at £12m. He said: "I want a quick decision to know where I'm playing next season."

Luque added: "At Liverpool I have friends like Luis Garcia and goalkeeper Jose Reina, who will arrive soon.

"English football is excellent and I have no doubt that I could play in the Premiership.

"My characteristics will suit English football and the supporters will be happy with my style and the goals I would score."


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