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Brondby cool on Agger Reds move

Startbeitrag von Spion Kop1 am 14.11.2005 12:07

Danish club Brondby insist they have no plans to sell talented defender Daniel Agger, who has been linked with a move to European Champions Liverpool.
"We don't have any thoughts of selling Daniel Agger," a Brondby spokesman told BBC Sport. "Though obviously every player has his price."

Agger, 20, is a regular in the Denmark team and regarded as one of the best young defenders in Europe.

Agger is currently recovering from a knee injury he suffered in September.

The defender, who could cost Liverpool as much as £5m, has previously attracted interest from Bayern Munich and Everton.

His contract with Brondy has another year-and-a-half to run.


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