Return of Fowler delights Benitez

Startbeitrag von Oliver Kahles am 02.02.2006 13:11

Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez said Robbie Fowler's performance was one of the positives from their frustrating 1-1 draw with Birmingham.
Substitute Fowler netted an overhead kick late on, only to see the goal ruled out by an off-side flag.

"You can see he needs to quicker. He is working on improving, but already he gives us a lot of things close to the box," said Benitez.

"It would have been a perfect ending if he scored that goal at the end."

Story from BBC SPORT:

Published: 2006/02/02 11:39:45 GMT


Liverpool striker caught speeding

Football star Robbie Fowler was caught speeding just days after completing his dream move back to Liverpool FC.
The striker was pulled over by police near the club's Melwood training ground on Tuesday after breaking the 30mph speed limit.

The 30-year-old left Manchester City last week to rejoin the club he first signed for as a schoolboy.

He was stopped on West Derby Road near the training ground on Tuesday. It is unclear how fast he was travelling.

A spokeswoman for Merseyside Police said: "A 30-year-old man was stopped on West Derby Road.

"He was given a £60 fine and three points on his licence."

von Oliver Kahles - am 02.02.2006 13:15
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