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Startbeitrag von Graham aus Liverpool am 20.09.2006 00:04

Andy Gray said what………..?

I was watching the match on Sunday on SKY SPORTS from Stamford Bridge and like most Reds supporters I was very impressed with our performance apart from our poor finishing, but it was clearly apparent what beating Liverpool F C means to big clubs like Chelsea and also to the more minnow-like, like our bitter neighbours from across the park Everton. Both teams celebrated victory against us like they had won a cup final, maybe understandable in Everton’s case, after all, if you have lived in your near neighbours shadow for almost 40 years and during that time have lost in three major cup finals including the one in 1986 which meant your neighbours winning the coveted “Double” of League and Cup it is perhaps understandable you grow to hate them.
But, anyway, back to what Mr Andy Gray said just after the final whistle at 3.20pm when Mike Riley blew the whistle to give the Russian money laundering run club called Chelski a fortunate victory over Rafa’s Reds.
Andy Gray said and I quote, “On the 17th September 2006 Liverpool chances of winning the premiership ended”. I could hardly believe what I was hearing, here is a man who is paid handsomely by Sky for supposedly “expert” opinion, unbelievable?!

I then sat and enjoyed watching Arsenal give Old Purple Nose’s Manchester Bucaneers a football lesson, The Bucaneers who were formerly known as Manchester United of course. After the late winner for Arsenal and on the final whistle at 5.50pm, Mr Andy Gray, the co-commentator said “Arsenal have just reconfirmed their Title credentials and rejoined the Title race”.
But wait a minute? Arsenal have played 4 games and have 5 points, Liverpool have played 4 games and have 4 points??!!??
Therefore this so-called Football expert is writing off Liverpool Football Club and yet shouting the odds for Arsenal Football Club with only a single point differential between the two clubs? I think Mr Gray, your time as a respected football pundit is well and truly finished.
Liverpool at the time of writing this, (19 September 2006), are best priced at 16/1(Bet Fred, and Sportingodds.com) to win the Premiership, I believe that is one of the best bets you could ever have and I for one have already had my bet, you won’t get odds like this again, so I suggest get your money on NOW.
When we achieve our perennial victory over Newcastle at home tomorrow, and we stand then just 5 points behind Chelski and Glazers Bucaneers, those odds will be slashed.
Rafa is going to get it right, everyone knows we have the top tactical coach in Europe and once we put a run together, like we did last season, I believe we have an outstanding chance of winning the Premiership.
One thing to bear in mind, if come, the 31st March 2007, after a possible home victory over Arsenal, and let’s say we are 5 or 6 points off the leaders, have a good look at Liverpool’s run-in to the winning line, let me remind you.
Reading(H), Boro(A), Man. City(H), Wigan(A), Portsmouth(H), Fulham(A), Charlton(H).

That my friends, is a dream run in and as I said if we are just 5 or 6 points off the leaders, it just could be our run-in to the English Premiership Title. It’s coming home.
Take my advice and get your bet on NOW.


Andy Gray ist ein ahnungsloser Trottel............ein bitter Toffee durch und durch.............wer erinnerst sich nicht an sein legendäres "Game, well and truly over and i hate saying that" nach dem 0:3 in Istanbul? :D Schade wanker...war wohl nix.

Aber selbst er ist dem Zauber von Liverpool FC erlegen........und zwar im Dezember 2004 beim Spiel gegen Olympiakos, sein "Yoooouuuu beauty, what a hit son what a hit" hab ich heut noch im Ohr.

but still, he's a twat of the highest order.

von SpionKop - am 20.09.2006 07:15

von this_is_anfield - am 20.09.2006 08:58
ich liebe diese "ya beautyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy" :)

das find ich aber auch geil! [youtube.com]

von Marcio - am 20.09.2006 10:30
take a bow son, i mean that, take a bow ... :-)

von ulrik - am 20.09.2006 17:53
Hab grad auf TLW nen netten Ausschnitt von Andy Gray gefunden, wo er an jenem Sonntag darüber redet, dass Gerrard nicht auf dem Flügel spielen soll. Einfach zum Kotzen der Mann und vorallem unfassbar, mit was für beschissenen Argumenten er seine eigene Meinung durchdrücken will...

von stoa - am 26.09.2006 08:54
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