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It's a pizza budget but Rafa has us dining on caviare

Startbeitrag von Graham aus Liverpool am 16.11.2006 22:45

This is an excellent article by renowned journalist Brian Reade that appeared in the Daily Mirror on Saturday 4 November 2006, let me know your views. Also if the idiots who have had the audacity to criticise Rafa take time to read this, maybe, just maybe, they may realise the folly of their ways.

It’s a pizza budget but Rafa has
us dining on caviare

What’s more enjoyable, seeing talented men quietly turning corners or loud buffoons falling flat on their gormless faces?
Tough call isn’t it? Especially when you assess the cast involved in the latest Rafa Benitez panto.
In the yellow corner we have a septuagenarian, former sheet-music salesman Noel White, who when he was Liverpool chairman allowed a troubled Kenny Dalglish to walk away from the club he loved, then oversaw its 16-year plummet from the summit of English football.
How noble of the director to knife his manager in the back by publicly questioning every aspect of his management. How typical he should do so anonymously.
Then there’s David Mellor, the archetypal corporate leech who attached himself to football’s backside when it became trendy, claiming Benitez more than any other Premiership manager deserves the sack.
Plus a bunch of bedroom-based nerds whose eyesight gets increaseingly worse due to nights spent salivating over the internet, whacking off their rants to football websites.

The object of their venom is a manager who has won the Champions League, European Super Cup and FA Cup in two seasons of intense rebuilding at a club which expects to dine with the Madrids and Barcas at the Savoy’s top table on a Pizza Hut budget.

A twice La Liga-winning coach whose talent, dedication and track record has seen him coveted by most of the top sides in Europe, but whose loyalty has kept him at Liverpool.
A loyalty seven days ago he must have been questioning in private as the pressure mounted. And then a couple of games change everything.
Martin O’Neill’s unbeaten Aston Villa are put to the sword by some breathtaking pass-and-move football, while the Kop voices its undying support for the manager.
Bordeaux are swept aside, ensuring Liverpool are the only English side to qualify for the Champions League knock-out stages with two games to spare.


Steven Gerrard describes a supposed rift with him as “the biggest load of b*llocks I’ve ever read” and admits the senior players have not performed this season.
White resigns. Rafa stops rotating. Manchester united rest six players, lose in Copenhagen and suddenly Sir Alex Ferguson is the new Tinkerman from Hell. Football eh, bloody hell. As someone once said.
Liverpool have performed miserably in their first five away League games this season and Benitez must take his share of the blame. Which he has. But for supposed fans, commentators and his own director to call for his head on that basis exemplifies the current hysteria that disfigures football.

Examine the charges:

1 His rotation policy is a disaster.
Benitez asks to be judged at the end of the season. Re-read his record above to discover why.
2 He plays Gerrard out of position on the right.
Apart from the fact he played there last season, and scored 23 goals and Liverpool won more games with him out wide than in the middle, isn’t that where he plays for his country?

3 He’s blown the League title when it was Liverpool’s year.
Who said it was? Benitez? Or deluded fools who believed that despite signing six new players for moderate fees in the summer while an already-dominant Chelsea topped up their squad with superstars like Michael Ballack, Andriy Shevchenko and Ashley Cole.
Liverpool’s name was on the premiership trophy?
It’s wishful thinking of his critics, not Benitez, which define him as an under-performer. He’s just getting on with the job of building a squad capable of winning the title at a debt-strapped club.

Give the man the time and the respect he has earned. And before writing off this season remember Benitez has a habit of proving everyone wrong. Two years ago Alan Hansen, among others, accused him of sending out “the worst Liverpool team in living memory.” A few months later that team was lifting the Champions League. Remember also this week’s 20th Anniversary of Old Purple Nose Fergie’s arrival at United.
Four seasons it took him to win a trophy, and seven seasons to win the Premiership. Imagine if United had listened to buffoons like White, Mellor and the jerk-off brigade whenever Fergie’s developing side lost a few away games……….

You have to laugh, don’t you? And in the case of Benitez I know who my money is on to have the last one.


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