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Please read below the opinions of Professor Tom Cannon from today's(10 December 2006)Mail on Sunday , that well known Evertonian who has reputedly been attempting for many years to gain a seat on Everton Football Club's board.

Liverpool's potential new owners will be able to make a decent return on their £450 million investment only if they revisit proposals for a groundshare with arch-rivals Everton, according to a leading football finance expert.

Last night insiders at both clubs dismissed the idea, but Professor Tom Cannon, dean of the University of Buckingham, insists the controversial move is the only way Dubai International Capital could make the deal work.

Although Cannon rates the chances of the Dubai takeover going through as high, he believes that DIC could still walk away if they cannot see a way of significantly increasing profits.

DIC are the private equity arm of the Dubai state, whose leader is Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashin Al Maktoum, reputedly the fifth richest man in the world.

A groundshare would meet with huge opposition from both sides of the Merseyside divide.

Everton were once keen on the long-mooted idea, but they are now further down the road with plans to move to Kirby than Liverpool are with proposals for a new stadium in Stanley Park and would not want to feel beholden to their rivals or their new owners.

But government and development agencies have always made it clear they would give increased political and financial backing to a shared stadium.

Cannon said: "When DIC have invested in other businesses, they have been looking for a return of about 10 per cent per year on their money.

"In the last three years, Liverpool have averaged a profit of £1m-£2m. Even if DIC are looking to increase the profits to £20m, the only way I can see them doing it is by building a shared stadium. A hotel and other facilities would bring in a certain amount of money with one team, but with two they could make a lot more money."

But Professor Cannon has joined other experts in warning that the Sheikh will not be matching the Chelsea transfer spree funded by Roman Abramovich.

Cannon said: "I'm told that the Sheikh is far from impressed with the publicity surrounding the bid and the suggestion he is the new Abramovich.

"DIC are an investment company and they will not be looking at Liverpool out of sentiment or just as a way of raising the country’s profile. You could buy an awful lot of advertising for £450m."

This is a view from a so-called "expert" who's views and financial predictions unfortunately leave an awful lot to be desired, for example, a year ago he told us that Manchester United's defeat at Benfica "could be disastrous" because they would struggle to attract a new sponsor which could "ultimately cost them between £50 million and £100 million" HE WAS WRONG.

Prior to that he'd said the Glazers would never take over at Old Trafford: "It is one thing for Roman Abramowich to buy Chelsea, it is quite another to try and get hold of Manchester United" WRONG AGAIN.
In May 2004 he claimed that there would be "a long term fight" between Steve Morgan and the Thai Prime Minister", it might get dirty" and "Granada with their 9.9% stake in the club, could end up being the powerbrokers in this deal"

Maybe, Professor Tom Cannon is a Evertonian living in hope that if they continue to hang on to the shirt tails of Liverpool Football Club, maybe, just maybe the new investors from Dubai will sit up and take notice, but don't hold your breath Professor Cannon. DIC are used to being associated with winners and that is something Liverpool Football Club know all about as proven by their quite recent Champions League victory and the fact in the last 20 years and their haul of 14 major trophies to Everton's paltry one.



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von Graham aus Liverpool - am 10.12.2006 22:03
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