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Startbeitrag von Graham aus Liverpool am 18.12.2006 08:58

Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Sensational new development in the proposed Everton FC move to Knowsley.

In a sensational development this morning in the proposed Everton stadium move to Kirkby in the borough of Knowsley, the Football League executive committee last night informed Everton Football Club that if the planned move in partnership with supermarket giant TESCO to Knowsley was to go ahead it would also mean that Everton FC would have to change their name.

Football League executive committee spokesperson Richard Padderborn stated “it is a Football League stipulation that football club’s that move to another city or borough need to also change their name to something to associate themselves with their new area. This was done most recently by Wimbledon FC who moved from the town of Wimbledon to Milton Keynes and then became the Milton Keynes Dons”.

Everton Chairman and theatre impressario Bill Kenwright was quoted in London last night as being “flabbergasted” by this Football League ruling and also stated “we will challenge this absurd ruling most thoroughly and I find it amazing that as founder members of the Football League in 1888 we would be expected to even consider a change of our name”.

Everton manager David Moyes said “it is a joke, how can a prestigious club like Everton FC even be expected to change name”.

An Everton FC Official Supporters Club spokesperson stated “ this is a disgrace and there is no way we will be changing our name. The dinosaurs running the Football League need to come into the 21st century, if they are adamant that Everton Football Club must change their name then I am sure Everton would challenge this ruling through the law courts if necessary, it is a joke”.

It is almost certain we have not heard the last of this particular story and it will be interesting to see what exactly Everton Football Club can do to prevent one of the most famous names in English football becoming extinct, watch this space.


How about KFC, Kirkby Football Club!!

von Graham aus Liverpool - am 18.12.2006 15:46

von clive - am 19.12.2006 00:45
Your all brainless bellends! Kopites are Gobshites and you all prove this.

von Stu - am 19.12.2006 10:16
Autor: Graham aus Liverpool
Datum: 18.12.2006 16:46

How about KFC, Kirkby Football Club!!

Graham aus Liverpool

KFC Kirkby Football Club hört sich gut an.
Neuer Trikotsponsor wird dann KFC-Kentucky Fried Chicken

ich persönlich finde diese Regel die eine Namensänderung vorschreibt längst überholt. Das Mersey-Derby ist nun mal Liverpool gegen Everton und nicht
Liverpool gegen Kirkby. Haut mich vom Namen her genauso vom hocker wie
Liverpool gegen Tranmere.

von Oliver Kahles - am 19.12.2006 11:01
Knowsley Kickers , spitzname die "dogs of war".

von Graham aus Liverpool - am 19.12.2006 16:48
It really is unbelievable news!

Echt unglaubliche nachrichten!

von Graham aus Liverpool - am 21.12.2006 19:26
Everton chairman Bill Kenwright today informed his clubs lawyers to launch a legal campaign to fight the proposed change of name of Everton Football Club by the Football League.
Everton chairman and theatre impresario Bill Kenwright was quoted in London last night as saying"we will fight this with all our power, we are Everton FC and as far as I am concerned we will always remain Everton Football Club".
A Football League spokesperson would only confirm that the proposed name change is a stipulation in the rules of the Football League, when pressed that Everton FC would challenge this ruling through the courts, only replied "no comment".

Meanwhile, in the red half of the city of Liverpool the proposed name change of Everton to possibly Everton Kirkby was met with amusement amongst Liverpool supporters. One wag said "it looks as though Bill Shankly was right all along when he said there are only two teams in the city of Liverpool, Liverpool and Liverpool reserves!!".

von Graham aus Liverpool - am 24.12.2006 10:28
TAKEN FROM BBC.CO.UK/SPORT WEB PAGE - Tuesday 26 December 2006

Reports suggest that the Everton board in a hastily arranged board meeting immediately following Everton's dismal 0-0 draw at home to Middlesborough today have unanimously agreed that if the appeal against the name change was to fail then Everton Football Club would be renamed Everton Knowsley FC.

These are still at this moment unconfirmed reports but would mean that Everton Football Club formed in 1878 and one of the founder members of the Football League changing the name of one of the most famous English football clubs.

Everton have lodged an appeal and are still awaiting a date for their appeal to be heard.

Everton Chairman and theatre impresario Bill Kenwright has already vigorously protested against this ruling from the football authorities and was quoted as being "flabbergasted" when first informed of the ruling.

Further reports will follow when this report is officially confirmed.

von Graham aus Liverpool - am 27.12.2006 01:41
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