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Blackburn may sell skipper Neill

Startbeitrag von Oliver Kahles am 29.12.2006 20:21

ich hoffe das wir hier nochmal unser interesse bekunden und ein vernünftiges angebot abgeben

Blackburn boss Mark Hughes has admitted captain Lucas Neill may be sold in the January transfer window if the club gets the right offer.

Neill, 28, is out of contract in the summer and Liverpool have been strongly linked with the Australian defender.

Hughes said: "Lucas may go if we can do a deal that will allow Blackburn to remain strong. If it is not right for us, he will stay."

Neill has been barracked by Ewood Park fans after refusing to sign a new deal.

He now looks set to leave, but Hughes said: "Things change very quickly in football.

"Who is to say Lucas won't still be here in the summer and if that situation arises, I will be doing my best to convince him to stay."

He was booed by Rovers fans during the home defeat by Newcastle on 9 December, and Hughes said: "Certain individuals in the crowd made their feelings known.

"But if I feel that Lucas being the captain is an issue, I'll look at it."


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