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Startbeitrag von Graham aus Liverpool am 10.01.2007 10:44


Rafael Benitez got it wrong last night, very badly wrong. He chose a very weak team and I was utterly gobsmacked when I saw the starting eleven. It is good however to see the vast majority of supporters on the web site forums are right behind the man.
Wenger celebrated 10 years at Arsenal last month and they still await their first ever European Cup. Old Purple Nose Ferguson celebrated 20 years at Old Trafford in November 2006 and they under his stewardship have won one European Cup.
Rafael Benitez achieved the ultimate of Champions league glory after only 10 MONTHS at Anfield - a truly remarkable achievement.
Maybe, just maybe it will be a blessing in disguise and allow the players plenty of rest between matches to enable us to achieve Champions league qualification and hopefully progress to at least the next round of the Champions League.
I can understand some fans frustration, but we have a superb manager who last night made a major error in his choice of team. however, even Shankly, Paisley, and King Kenny made mistakes.
One final thought, I hope the Barcelona spies were present last night and they go back to Spain saying they are already through to the next round. If so, I can assure them they are in for a pleasant surprise in the second leg at Anfield on March 6th.
Keep the faith in Rafa, a better man and manager we certainly could not have.
Cheers, Graham



Keep the faith in Rafa, a better man and manager we certainly could not have.

Well said, Graham ! :spos:

By the way Sir Purple Nose Ferguson won his first title with the Red Devils after 4 years and won the first Premiership with ManUtd in his 7th season at Old Trafford... !!!

Rafa won his 1st title with L'Pool in his first season and the CL-title is the biggest trophy in football. In my opinion the spaniard has plenty time to prove his worth with L'Pool an in the next year he also has hopefully the financial background (DIC-Deal) to cope with ManUtd, Arsenal and Chelsea and make us titel contenders, too !!!

Sorry for my bad english !!! ;)


von goleador2000 - am 10.01.2007 11:29
Guter Post Graham!

Ich stehe voll hinter Rafa Benitez aber auch er macht Fehler........und in dieser Saison leider bereits so einige.

Aber onwards and upwards.........we'll bounce back for sure!

von SpionKop - am 10.01.2007 11:32
hm, den einzigen Fehler den Rafa gemacht hat, ist Jerzy spielen zu lassen, denn er hätte zirka 5 Gegentore verhindern können.

bin immer noch der Meinung, dass wir am Dienstag mit der besseren Mannschaft gespielt haben wie Arsenal! - wir hätten halt meiner Meinung nach einen schnellen Innenverteidiger gebraucht gegen diese blutjunge, schnelle Arsenaltruppe!

unser Unglück war, dass Paletta, Hyypiä und Dudek total out-of-form waren!

von tirolerlfc - am 11.01.2007 07:09
Ich sehe da auch keinen wirklichen Fehler, wobei ich das Spiel nicht gesehen habe. Schlussendlich kann man das im Nachhinein immer von zwei Seiten sehen. Zum einen kann man sagen, dass wir mit den Jungen immerhin einmal das Finale im CC erreicht haben und das auch jetzt kein Fehler gewesen sein kann. Zum anderen kann man auch sagen, dass nach der Niederlage am Samstag eine stärkere Mannschaft Pflicht gewesen sein hätte sollen. Schlussendlich sind wir mit einer B-Elf gegen eine B-Elf von Arsenal rausgeflogen. Das ist (vor allem auf diese Weise) nicht schön, aber passiert. Unsere Saison hat noch einiges, wofür es sich zu spielen lohnt. Auch wenn die Meisterschaft nicht mehr wirklich realistisch ist, so müssen wir dort immer noch so viele Spiele wie möglich gewinnen. Dazu wartet im Februar/März mit Barcelona ein absoluter Klassiker und wir sind noch lange nicht aus der CL draußen...

von stoa - am 11.01.2007 21:41
Auch dieses Statement stimmt mich nach der unnötigen Unruhe die durch die Presse bzw. Benitez-Kritiker in den letzten Tagen in unseren Verein von außen reingebracht wurde, wieder mal sehr positiv :)


Benitez: There is no split
Jan 12 2007

RAFA BENITEZ has insisted he and his board are at one on how to take Liverpool forward, angrily refuting suggestions of a split in the aftermath of Tuesday's midweek cup exit.

The Anfield boss has launched another ferocious defence of his reign, while praising the club's hierarchy for their ambitious plans to ensure he has the resources required to bring more honours to Merseyside.

Benitez said today: "I'm really disappointed in the way things have been presented and misinterpreted since yesterday morning.

"I have no problem with my board. This club is going in the right direction, and I was brought here to improve our situation.

"We have done this in two years by winning big trophies, winning more Premiership points than we've had for 17 years and bringing in players whose value has doubled.

"Three years ago we had players like Diouf and Cheyrou who we couldn't sell. Look at the value of their replacements compared to he price we paid for them.

"The board brought me to win the Premiership, not to get to the semi-final of the Carling Cup. My relationship with them is fantastic and they have been doing their best for a long time to help bring more success. Rick Parry and the Chairman want the best for Liverpool, as we all do.

"That's why they are talking to new investors and that's why they brought me here. Why are they doing this? To help build a new stadium and to buy top class players in the future.

"Liverpool have been 17 years without winning the Premiership, so tell me what's our main priority?" he added. "Nobody wants to lose.


Für mich die Kernaussage:

The board brought me to win the Premiership, not to get to the semi-final of the Carling Cup !!!

von goleador2000 - am 12.01.2007 13:27
das nenn ich mal nen Seitenhieb...

Three years ago we had players like Diouf and Cheyrou who we couldn't sell. Look at the value of their replacements compared to he price we paid for them.

von this_is_anfield - am 12.01.2007 14:22
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