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Startbeitrag von Graham aus Liverpool am 19.01.2007 15:25


Blue Bill:
Welcome to The People’s Club Sly!

Why is it called the People’s Club?

Blue Bill: Because the majority of people who live in the Liverpool support


Sly: Ok Bill, But why are there so many empty seats today Bill?

Blue Bill: erm erm erm, oh the empty seats, oh erm erm we had a home game last Sunday you know Sly and erm erm the fans turned up in their thousands for that game.

Sly: Oh, ok Bill but it says in the Match Day Programme that only 24000 turned up last Sunday!!

Blue Bill: Sly, we are hoping to build an new stadium Sly, 55,000 all seater in


Sly: Why do you need a 55,000 seater Stadium Bill?

Blue Bill: Because we are Everton, we are a big club, we want to be competing in the Champions League.

Champions League? I remember that!! Istanbul, 2005. What a game, Liverpool, yes that is where I am now in Liverpool, wow what a team
Steven Gerrard what a player, they were 3 goals behind at the end of the
First period, wow then they were 3-3 at the end of the 2nd period and won on a kick-ins on goal - wow !!!

Blue Bill: We have won a European Trophy Sly? In 1985 - the Cup Winners Cup.

Sly: What Cup?

Blue Bill: Oh it doesn’t exist anymore.

Sly: So tell me Bill, why are you a big club?

Blue Bill: We have won the League and the FA Cup and as I have already said the Cup Winners cup!!

Sly: Wow!! When, tell me about it.

Blue Bill: We won the FA Cup in 1995!!

And since?

Blue Bill: erm, we won the League in 1985 and 1987 !!!

Sly: So you are telling me, that you have won 1 trophy in 20 years?

Blue Bill: Yes, but we did qualify for the Champions League in 2005!!!

Sly: Wow, how did u get on?

Blue Bill: We got knocked out in the qualifying round. But we did qualify for the UEFA Cup.

How did that go?

Blue Bill:
We got knocked out in the qualifying round.

Bill, can you arrange for me to watch Liverpool play, a really big club that won the Champions League and then the FA Cup!!

Bill: But Sly, You are at the Peoples Club!!

: But Bill, The people don’t turn up!!

Blue Bill:
But we have the great David Moyes as Manager

Sly: Who?

Blue Bill:
The great David Moyes, let me tell you while I am Chairman of this
great Club Moyes will stay as Manager. Even though he got us knocked out of the FA Cup by Shrewsbury who then got relegated from the Football League in the same season.
He got us our lowest ever points total, we scored the least number of goals in our history in one season, we have never had a good cup run while he has been manager, and he became the first ever manager of an English Club to get knocked out of 2 European competitions in the qualifying round in the same season. In Moyes, I trust. He is a fantastic manager and I tell everyone who will listen how lucky we are to have him.

Sly: Bill, you are boring me, I’m a Celebrity get me out of here!!


Einfach köstlich, ich würde aber andererseits Sly Stallone so eine lange Konversation gar nicht zutrauen. :-)

von liverbird - am 19.01.2007 16:46

Hollywood schauspieler und ROCKY star Sylvester Stallone war gast beim Everton FC fuer ihre heimspiel letzte Sonntag 14 Januar gegen aufsteiger Reading FC.
Nach die langweillig 1-1 unentschieden ROCKY star Sylvester Stallone sagte zu Everton manager David Moyes:-

SYLVESTER STALLONE - "Ich moechte die Trophaene und Pokale sehen".

DAVID MOYES - "das dauert aber 20 minuten".

SYLVESTER STALLONE - "gibt es ja so viele"?

DAVID MOYES antworte "das ist wie lange es dauert um nach Anfield zu fahren".

Graham aus Liverpool

von Graham aus Liverpool - am 19.01.2007 17:16
fantastic Graham, well done!

von Lothar - am 19.01.2007 19:45
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