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Alvaro Arbeloa

Startbeitrag von goleador2000 am 01.02.2007 20:12

Heute wurde unser neuer Verteidiger aus Spanien - Senor Alvaro Arbeloa - at Anfield präsentiert - er wird zukünftig die Rücken-Nr. 2 tragen: ;)


Mark Platt 01 February 2007

Rafael Benitez today spoke about the capture of Alvaro Arbeloa and revealed he would have no hesitation in pitching him straight into the intense heat of Saturday's Merseyside derby.

The Spanish right-back, signed from Deportivo La Coruna on transfer deadline day, is unlikely to displace Steve Finnan from the starting eleven that will take on Everton but, if required, he's available for selection.

"He is ready to play and, if need be, I'd have no hesitation in playing him against Everton," says the Reds boss.

"Alvaro can play right-back or in the centre. I have known about him since his days at the Real Madrid Academy. He's a player with pace and a very good mentality.

"His arrival gives us more options on the right side and I'm sure he can put pressure on Steve Finnan."

Arbeloa will be joined at Anfield by 18-year old midfielder Francis Duran and Benitez added: "Francis is a good young player from Malaga reserves and we hope he can improve here."


Rafa kennt den Jungen von seiner Coaching-Zeit bei den Königlichen. Mit Sicherheit kein Nachteil. Er kommt aus Real Madrid's Nachwuchsakademie und war zuletzt Stammspieler bei Deportivo La Coruna. Auf den 1. Blick bzw. wenn man sein heutiges Interview auf LFC-TV liest, kommt er sehr sympathisch und bodenständig rüber. :) Ich bin gespannt ob er Steve Finnan (den für mich besten RV der PL :spos: ) herausfordern kann...ich hoffe er hat mehr Glück als sein Landsmann Josemi (der von zahlreichen Verletzungen gebeutelt war und nie so richtig in Tritt kam...) und der Holländer Jan Kromkamp, dessen Anfield-Karriere schnell zu Ende ging... ;)


absoluter sympathieträger....neben dem interview auch der brief den er selbst


Dear Friends:

It’s been six months… only six months that I have arrived in A Coruña. I wouldn’t have enough time nor words to thank all of the supporters, the club, the team and the entire city, all of which gave me great support and made me feel welcome.

It seems like yesterday that I came to Deportivo. It still makes me shiver every time I wear that blue & white T-shirt , coming out onto Riazor’s pitch to play against the best players in the world making my dream of playing in the first division come true. Last summer, I decided to come to play with this team, and I would do so again.

I won’t bore you with a long farewell. I’d just love to leave with you the same wonderful memories you gave to me and that I’m taking with me to this new venture. From Liverpool, our Depor will have a new fan.

Thanks to the club, to its president, who gave me the opportunity to come to this great team, and to the coach, who trust me and gave me the confidence I needed, who taught me that I needed to be the best one in each training session. Thanks to my team mates who made me feel like home! I’m sure they will achieve big things for the club. Thanks to the city which took me in as one of its own! Thanks to the supporters who cheered even when things weren’t that great! Last but not least, thanks to riazor.org because they are the reason why football exits.

I also want to thank my new club, Liverpool, for this great opportunity they are offering me. I want to meet their expectations and match up to the excellence of such an outstanding club with such an international prestige. I’m already looking forward to training with my new team for the first time and meeting its great players and my new manager who already made important achievements for the club.

Forza Depor !!!

Go Reds !!!

A big hug,

Álvaro Arbeloa

von sven - am 01.02.2007 20:55
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