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Everton mittelfeld spieler Mikael Arteta

Startbeitrag von Graham aus Liverpool am 03.02.2007 07:16





Everton midfielder Mikel Arteta has declared Steven Gerrard a hero as he prepares to face the Reds' skipper in the 205th Merseyside derby.
The Spaniard, who is great friends with Xabi Alonso, believes Liverpool currently have one of the best central-midfield partnerships in the world.

"Gerrard is a hero, but I believe that Xabi is also getting the recognition he deserves. They are two very different players," Arteta told Icons.com.

"Xabi contributes balance, handles the pace of the game and has a good movement of the ball. Plus, he is young - he's only 25 years old!

"He has lots of football ahead of him and lots more to learn. I don't believe he has peaked yet, far from it. Gerrard has another rhythm and possesses a great shot, he's a good finisher."

Arteta is also an admirer of Dutch striker Dirk Kuyt.

"Liverpool are very safe at home and, from the outside, it looks like players like Dirk Kuyt have played a big part in this.

"Kuyt has made a big impression and adapted very well. He's had some extraordinary performances and is scoring goals with ease."

klingt irgendwie komisch. wobei, die s*n schreibt ja eh, was sie wollen.

von qu-cee - am 03.02.2007 08:38
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